When is Dr Disrespect returning to Twitch?

He is coming back soon.

Photo via Razer

On June 11, popular streamer Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm was slapped with an indefinite ban from Twitch following a controversial IRL stream that entered into a bathroom at E3.

Dr Disrespect was not only banned from Twitch because of the incident, but his E3 pass was also reportedly revoked. While banned, he didn’t say much, other than that he fired his director for following him into the bathroom during the stream.

The ban, which lasted two weeks, came to an end on June 25 when his channel silently came back online. On July 1, Dr Disrespect actually addressed the bathroom incident via his personal Twitter account.

In the statement, he apologized “on behalf of the Dr Disrespect brand” and said that he and his team were not thinking of the repercussions for streaming in the bathroom. He also said that the situation had taught him a lesson and that he would return stronger.

That return, according to a few testosterone-fueled teaser videos, will come on Monday, July 8. The exact time of the stream has not been confirmed, but it will likely begin around 12 or 1pm CT, like other Doc streams.

And while Guy Beahm may be regretful of the IRL stream, Dr Disrespect is still going full-steam ahead toward his critics. In fact, he called out two Kotaku reporters via Twitter, which may just be a sign to fans that he is still the same old Doc.