When will Naxxramas be released in World of Warcraft Classic?

Mark your calendars.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft Classic’s final raid is just around the corner, but there’s still a little bit of time to work on your attunement for Naxxramas before the raid releases at the beginning of December. 

While Classic’s final phase, Phase 6, begins on Dec. 1 when Patch 1.13.6 goes live, you’ll have a couple more days before you can step into Naxxramas and attempt to take down the game’s final boss, Kel’Thuzad.

About one month ago, Blizzard announced the worldwide release of Naxxramas set for Dec. 3. But at that time, the developer didn’t specify exactly what time the raid would become available. The only thing we knew was that players would get access on that day. 

Blizzard updated players today, though, saying that Naxxramas will be unlocked on Dec. 3 at 4pm CT. For some Asian-region servers, this release is actually early in the morning on Dec. 4.

When Naxxramas is unlocked, Classic’s Phase 6 Scourge Invasion event will also begin. This will notably allow players to farm “Necrotic Runes” that can be used to obtain “Consecrated Sharpening Stones” and “Blessed Weapon Oils” that will be useful when fighting the abundance of undead monstrosities in Naxx.

Meanwhile, Blizzard’s post today included some notable changes to the Scourge Invasion that will extend the event relative to the way it originally took place in 2006. This extension by Blizzard is intended to give players more time to farm those materials because of how much more populated servers are now compared to in 2006 when the game’s first expansion came to its conclusion.