What is the Dream SMP Server IP?

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Image via Mojang

Minecraft is mostly what you make out of it, and Dream SMP is on its way to evolving into something bigger than the game itself. The server’s immense storytelling has been exemplary and the elite squad of content creators that have been invited to the server keep on delivering in terms of content.

While it’s a lot of fun to watch everyone on the server and simply becoming a part of their journey is a joy to have by itself, fans can’t help but wonder whether they could join in on the fun too. After all, you’d only need a server IP to get a piece of the actions, but things aren’t that simple as they may seem when it comes to Dream SMP.

Dream SMP has a server IP, but it’s only given out to players that were invited to the server. There have been community members claiming that they found the server’s IP address, but they’d still fail to go through the whitelist of Dream SMP even if that was the case.

The server whitelists all invited content creators or personalities, meaning there’s basically a security check at the entrance. The server’s IP also changes from time to time as a security measure, making it even harder to find for other Minecraft players.

It may sound unfair at first, but this is a necessary measure to keep up the quality of the content coming out of the server. Not all the fans who try to join the server may have the best intentions, and some may be disruptive or cause commotion in the server.

If you’d like to have a similar experience, you can create your own server based on Dream SMP’s seed and invite your friends to double the fun. Though there doesn’t seem to be any plans of making the official Dream SMP available to the public, it wouldn’t be unusual for the Dream Team or other names on the server to host events involving their fans in the future.

Keep an eye on the social media channels on every player on the server so you can keep an eye on both the new content coming out and news regarding the server.