What does ‘Jebaited’ mean in gaming?

Avoid getting jebaited.

Image via Twitch

Twitch allows streamers and viewers to interact in real time through chat. Twitch chat is notorious for being a chaotic, entertaining, and sometimes beautiful place where thousands of people can interact simultaneously.

But Twitch chat has a unique language that might be confusing for new users. There are dozens of emotes that have different meanings and connotations in certain situations, which can be tough to learn. One of the most popular emotes is the Jebaited emote, which appears when someone is trolling or baiting another person.

Alex Jebailey is the founder and CEO of Community Effort Orlando events and is a staple of the FGC scene. He is also the FGC director for ESL and DreamHack. 

Jebaited is a popular Twitch emote based on Jebailey. The emote shows Jebaily making a surprised and amused face. It was added as a global emote in 2016 and slowly gained popularity throughout Twitch. The emote has multiple uses but is generally associated with someone trolling or calling out someone who is trolling. 

Image via Twitch

Viewers will spam the emote when trying to bait the streamer or to call out another viewer or streamer for trolling. Some viewers will use the emote to make it clear they are joking or use it after successfully “jebaiting” someone. It is also a popular choice to make fun of a steamer after being baited in a game. 

The term jebaited has also entered the gaming lexicon as players will use it in various places outside of Twitch. It’s not uncommon to see the term in games when taunting opponents or other players. 

There is also a popular copypasta centered around the emote:


Jebaited is one of the most popular emotes on Twitch. Use it to help call out a troll or rub in a bait your favorite streamer fell for.