Valkyrae’s skincare line, RFLCT, is no longer available

The RFLCT website seems down for good.

Photo via 100 Thieves

RFLCT, the anti-blue-light skincare line backed by popular streamer and internet personality Valkyrae has shut down. RFLCT’s website states “the product is no longer available” and the company “decided to move forward on new paths, effectively terminating the RFLCT brand.”

All of the information previously available on the website has closed down, including the payment and product pages. While the company’s Twitter is still up, the account has only re-posted the announcement featured on the website.

This announcement comes after weeks of constant backlash stemming from potentially fraudulent claims. Mere days after Valkyrae presented the skincare line and herself as the co-CEO, people brought up studies that challenged the damaging effect of blue light on the skin.

Valkyrae was transparent about the situation and her role in the company in a now-deleted video. RFLCT parent company Ideavation Labs allegedly ran its own studies but failed to provide any of the results to the public, according to the 100 Thieves co-owner. Valkyrae admitted she had never been to the lab and only participated as the company’s face.

Recent DM leaks with fellow streamer Ludwig revealed Valkyrae’s personal thoughts on the matter, and potentially what led to the company’s closure. While on stream, Valkyrae stated she still believed in the project and was bound to RFLCT by contract.

In the leaked DMs, Valkyrae expressed her desire to leave the contract considering the significant damage it had done to her personal image and brand. It is unclear if Valkyrae’s departure from the project led directly to the website and product shutdown.