Twitch streamer Arcadum accused of grooming and manipulation by several women

Several women have taken to social media to share their experiences with the streamer.

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Twitch streamer and well-known Dungeons and Dragon’s dungeon master Arcadum has been accused of grooming and emotionally manipulating multiple women over the past year.

Multiple women came out with statements today explaining their experience with Arcadum, alleging that he had used his position of power and their past traumas to manipulate women into providing sympathy and sexual comforts.

According to a statement from Kelli Siren, she was removed from one of Arcadum’s projects after his long-time girlfriend found intimate chat logs between the two. Kelli claimed that he would constantly harass her for intimate contact, to which she obliged in fear of losing their friendship.

“I was afraid of him. Every time after he would say he was sorry and ask if I really wanted it,” Kelli wrote. “This proves he knew he was harassing me. He would say it didn’t seem like I was into it. I wish I had just told him no bluntly instead of engaging, but it just didn’t feel easy for me to confront him on it.”

Kelli Siren wasn’t the only member of Arcadum’s community to have this experience. Many of the other women shared similar stories of alleged manipulation or sexual advances by the streamer. Other accusations detailed some of Arcadum’s poor business practices.

Another of his alleged victim, Cri45 shared that when she confronted him regarding a professional concern, he hit on her instead of dealing with the issue. This was an act that she claimed triggered PTSD from past traumas he was aware of, and led to her being eventually hospitalized.

“He started me on a spiral of PTSD,” Cri45 wrote. “I didn’t sleep for days. It got so bad I needed to be hospitalized. He manipulated me and used me like a pawn knowing I was vulnerable.”

Arcadum has yet to respond to the allegations. He shared in a post to social media that he plans to address them during a stream on Aug. 31.