Twitch effectively bans NFTs from stream extensions in May 17 guideline update

NFT: not for Twitch

Image via Twitch

In an effort to curb the presence of NFT-related links stemming from Twitch streamer extensions, Twitch has updated its Extension Guidelines on May 17 to negate any off-site links or referral codes to NFT-type websites.

Located under the Content Policy section of Twitch’s Extensions Guidelines and Policies, the new entry, 4.11, states: “Extensions may not display, implement, include, or interact with any non-fungible token (NFT). Examples: Extensions may not include off-site links or referral codes to NFT sites and may not facilitate the creation, listing, trading, or redemption of NFTs.”

So far, the move from Twitch seems well-received by the wider streaming community, with several Twitter users taking to the platform to voice their approval.

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At this time, there’s no official announcement or comment from Twitch regarding the newly added Extension Guideline entry. One could speculate Twitch doesn’t want to act as a medium for NFT-related sites for several reasons. One big factor is NFTs are incredibly polarizing, risky, and encourage gambling-like behavior, in many eyes. By banning streamer extensions from featuring NFT links, Twitch is essentially doing its part to disassociate itself with the digital asset technology.

Twitch isn’t the first big name from the gaming space to ban NFTs either. Back in Oct. 2021, Steam prohibited any blockchain games that contact cryptocurrencies or NFTs from being added to its more than 50,000 listings on the platform.