Tfue makes his return to Twitch

The streamer's live now.

Tfue is back on Twitch and YouTube after both channels were taken down.
Screengrab via Tfue

Popular Fortnite star Turner “Tfue” Tenney is back.

The streamer made his well-received return to Twitch today after taking a hiatus that lasted nearly a month.

At the time, Tfue said he needed a break from streaming, claiming he felt “trapped in a negative crawl space” and that he wasn’t happy despite having “anything [he] could ask for in life.”

The Fortnite streamer possibly prolonged his return to Twitch because of a legal battle with his former organization FaZe Clan. In the lawsuit, Tfue argued that his contract with FaZe was invalid due to a violation of labor laws. The organization counter-sued the player for supposedly breaching his contract by filing a suit against it in May.

The former pro is currently streaming Fortnite, despite previously claiming that the game is “bad,” “fucking terrible,” “garbage,” and “dying.”

Many streamers have more or less agreed with those sentiments. Fortnite season X was widely unpopular due to the overpowered B.R.U.T.E. mechs and the nerf to turbo building.

It’s unclear if Tfue will stop streaming the battle royale. But he will likely incorporate other games, like Minecraft, into his broadcast.

Fans eager for Tfue’s comeback can tune in to his Twitch channel, where he is currently broadcasting to over 27,000 viewers.