Summit1g accidentally kills Dr Disrespect in Escape from Tarkov

"I just killed you, didn't I?"

Screengrab via DrDisrespect

Summit1g and Dr Disrespect might be one of the most dynamic and powerful duos on Twitch when playing Escape from Tarkov together. But despite their experience and skill, they’re still prone to having wonky mishaps.

In a game last night, the two found themselves going up against what they thought was another team. As Dr Disrespect approached the enemy, he pulled a flanking maneuver that apparently caught Summit off guard.

Thinking that Dr Disrespect was actually an enemy flanking around the side, Summit accidentally gunned down his teammate instead of killing an enemy.

“I killed a guy behind us,” Summit said. “A guy flanked behind us. That wasn’t you I just killed was it? I just killed you, didn’t I?”

Dr Disrespect took the loss in stride, putting his hands up and saying, “it’s OK.” But after feeling bad for having just taken out his buddy, Summit looted all of the armor off of Doc’s body and ran to the extract point so that he could return everything to him when they started their next match.

Both Doc and Summit have been on a bit of an EFT binge during the first two months of the year. They have three million and 13.7 million hours watched playing the game respectively, according to Stream Hatchet data. Additionally, each streamer is averaging more than 20,000 viewers while playing the game, making them a couple of the most-watched personalities on the platform.