Nmplol explains why he doesn’t care about LSF hate: ‘We get more viewers, more subs, more donations, more followers every single time”

Nmplol has found a silver lining to the LSF hate.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/nmplol

Popular streamer and OTK member Nick “Nmplol” Polom slammed the Livestream Fails Reddit community today on stream alongside Justaminx and Malena.

Throughout the three-hour broadcast, viewers consistently posted clips from the stream onto LSF. These clips included one critical of K-pop fans, as well as a controversial bit around opioids.

Following a donation, Nmplol explained to viewers why he doesn’t mind the LSF hate. “You wanna know why I don’t care about the LSF hate?” he said. “Because this always happens. We get more viewers, more subs, more donations, more followers every single time and they keep putting us up there. They don’t get it.”

Nmplol was highly critical of viewers posting clips and making snap judgments from the LSF posts. “Some people won’t even watch the clip,” Nmplol said. “They’ll read the title, read the comments, and that’s it.”

After analyzing a clip accusing Nick and crew of failing to “take responsibility” for an opioid joke, the streamers claimed to find little correlation between the content of the clip and the headline. Nick said he had already acknowledged the harm of the bit.

This is far from the first case of conflict between streamers and the Livestream Fails subreddit. The history between the two platforms is muddled. While the Reddit provides a wealth of content and opportunity for growth for selected streamers, it’s simultaneously described as a drama-mongering community.

Though Nmplol levied his own complaints against LSF and its users, he seems to have found an upside to the contentious content published on the platform.