New RP-focused OTV and Friends Rust server going live next week

The original server will still be kept live.

Image via Steam

A new Offline TV and Friends Rust server will go live next week to cater to creators who prefer the roleplaying and PvE elements of Rust following a slew of drama and a torn player base on the original server.

OTV member and creator of the server Abe shared the news while also saying that the original server will remain live for players who prefer the PvP and raiding elements of the game.

This news comes just shortly after many of the players said they’d prefer an RP-based server due to the conflict between players and the harassment some streamers faced.

There won’t be as many streamers invited to participate in this new server, likely counting out the more aggressive players from the current server. In addition to catering to RP and PvE players, the new server will also contain extra custom elements tailored to protect the experience of the players.

Since the beginning, many of the streamers involved predicted that the combat would eventually become the catalyst for the server to end.

Despite any shortcomings, the initial OTV and Friends Rust server appears to have been a success. They brought together over 50 unique streamers collectively broadcasting to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

As of now, it’s unclear exactly which streamers will make the move to the new server and who will remain, but the new server will go live on Jan. 7 at 7pm CT.