XQc gets triple kill on OTV and Friends Rust server

He almost got away.

Screengrab via xQc

The OTV and Friends Rust server is in full swing after a few short days of being live and one of the server’s newest participants has wasted no time gearing up and eliminating fellow players in an impressive fashion.

On his first day on the server, popular Twitch streamer xQc pulled off a triple kill against three unsuspecting players during his most recent stream.

After setting up on a hill, xQc safely eliminated two enemies who were in front of him before taking out a third from another direction.

Following this series of kills, xQc was successfully able to briefly navigate his way to safety before being eliminated himself.

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In the short amount of time since he’s been on the server, xQc hasn’t strayed far from a firefight, regardless of the gear he’s had access to or the circumstances surrounding each situation. The former Overwatch League pro has provided some of the most entertaining moments on the server so far.

Before signing off, xQc shared his plans for what he wants to achieve on the server in the near future.

“Tomorrow, I’m waking up before everybody and I’m farming really early,” xQc said. “Whenever you guys come back, there’s gonna be a big ass brick dome over the entire map. That’s gonna be my kingdom and you’re gonna call me lord. Tomorrow, you’ll see.”