XQc shares his thoughts on the state of the OTV and Friends Rust server

"Everybody has friends and now we can't kill anybody."

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

After just over one day of being a part of the Offline TV and Friends Rust server, xQc has shared his thoughts on having large teams within the game.

During his stream, xQc explained that because everybody in his group has friends that they want to protect, the game is trending toward a PvE experience.

“Everybody has friends and now we can’t kill anybody,” xQc said.

With the server containing over 50 different streamers divided into their own teams, the majority of players appear to be more interested in the role-playing experience as opposed to the combat-orientated playstyle of streamers like xQc and his “Team Rocket.”

Since this is the case, even xQc himself has drawn a truce with an opposing team after Sykkuno generously provided the streamer with supplies when he needed them most.

Initially, the truce was between the two streamers themselves. But after xQc failed to correctly identify Sykkuno when staging an attack on the rest of his team, he decided it’d be best to leave the entire team alone.