XQc fans send harassing messages to other players on OTV Rust server

It's unclear if xQc will remain in the server.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

The Offline TV Rust server has recently provided hours of entertainment for thousands of fans who have watched their favorite streamers and content creators play together. This has resulted in never-before-seen crossovers and exciting situations. 

But popular streamer xQc has introduced a competitive edge to the server that not all of the players appreciate. And his overzealous fans have reportedly started to send harassing messages to other participants on the server. 

XQc recently had a verbal altercation on the server with Ash_on_lol, a smaller streamer who frequently plays with members of OfflineTV. XQc demanded that she place wood in the fireplace and “be useful for once.” This prompted Ash_on_lol to defend herself by calling xQc a “fucking prick” and telling him to “be nice for once.”

XQc later apologized for his interactions. He explained that his competitive nature got the better of him and said he’d “do better” going forward.

Some of xQc’s fans decided to take matters into their own hands despite the apology, though. Ash_on_lol later revealed that she received harassing messages in response to the situation. 

This isn’t the first controversy xQc has been a part of, either. He was recently banned on Twitch after stream-sniping DrLupo during GlitchCon. Despite the ongoing issues surrounding xQc, he’s still one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. 

Shroud recently predicted that xQc could be the downfall of the server since he and his team will start attacking other players even though many people aren’t looking for conflict. It’s unclear if xQc will continue to participate on the server or if he’ll be removed to prevent issues like this from happening again.