Myth uses first YouTube stream to explain move from Twitch: ‘It was an amount that would have been stupid for me to turn down’

"The bag is secured."

Photo via Myth on Instagram | Remix by Dot Esports

Myth is the latest to join a growing list of high-profile content creators to leave Twitch in favor of a lucrative exclusive deal with YouTube. And during his first stream on the platform today, he didn’t mince words when talking about the choice he made.

While he couldn’t disclose the amount of money his deal was for, he made it clear that the amount of money he was offered was something he felt he had to accept.

“It was a great deal. I’m happy with it,” he said. “It was an amount that would have been stupid for me to turn down imo for where I am in my life. That’s the best way to put it. … YouTube’s taking care of the boy.”

Myth was not sure if he’s allowed to say how long his contract is for either, but he did admit to having a minimum amount of streaming time set in his contract. He didn’t seem too concerned about hitting it, though, saying that he will be streaming “far more than the amount.”

Money plays a role in any career decision, but Myth took time during the first 20 minutes of his stream to make it clear that money wasn’t the only reason he made the move. Among the reasons he made the move were his ability to connect quickly with YouTube staff and the change of scene helping his personal motivation.

“This is a multilayered cake in terms of why I made the decision,” he said. “I am very confident after spending time with the team over at YouTube that they understand my vision, and I understand their vision for what they’re looking for when it comes to bringing on a new content creator to the platform.”

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Because Twitch is the established platform in the game streaming marketplace, it doesn’t necessarily have a reputation for highly valuing individual influencers in meaningful ways. But Myth felt like in talking to YouTube that staffers at his new home were “genuinely invested” in him and what he could provide.

“I feel like I’m entering this point in my life when I want to start taking things a bit more seriously,” he said. “For the past two years, I’ve been in this unmotivated, yucky mindset where I was really afraid of doing the things that I wanted to do because I was afraid of people’s opinion.”

When asked how long it took for him to make the decision, Myth said it didn’t take long for him to “pull the trigger,” but conversations that he had with some very specific individuals played a pivotal role.

Not many people knew about his decision prior to yesterday’s announcement, but Myth made sure to speak with top creators who made the same move as him, like Ludwig and Valkyrae, before moving. He said that those who he spoke with believed he would do well if he joined them on YouTube.

“With that I felt really, really confident going into it,” he said. “Knowing that I had people that are, obviously, killing it on this platform, killing it on YouTube, kind of rooting for me on my side and thinking that I would do really well.”

Myth spent seven years streaming on Twitch before making the move to YouTube this week. In 2018, Myth was among the content creators who benefited greatly from the rise of Fortnite that completely shook up the livestreaming marketplace. Following a stint of playing the cartoonish battle royale competitively, he broke from the game to focus more on content creation.

This year, Myth had 2.74 million hours watched on Twitch with an average of 3,308 viewers across nearly 828 hours of airtime, according to Streams Charts. VALORANT was his most played and watched game, accounting for nearly 750,000 hours watched and 235.5 hours of airtime.