Mizkif surpasses one million followers on Twitch

And there's no slowing down.

Screengrab via Mizkif

One of Twitch’s most popular streamers Mizkif has reached one million followers on the livestreaming platform.

The streamer surpassed the milestone today and doesn’t appear to be slowing down with his channel continuing to grow substantially by the day.

While Mizkif has been streaming for several years now, his channel gained a huge spike in momentum with the popularity of Pokémon card pack openings that peaked in late 2020.

Mizkif’s passion for the cards and streams opening rare sets that could cost hefty prices drew fans to his stream, helping him break many of his channel’s records.

One of these records was broken on Dec. 14, 2020, when Mizkif recorded his most concurrent viewers record while opening a box of Neon Genesis Pokémon cards. Twitch stat tracking site SullyGnome recorded his viewership peak at over 110,000.

Mizkif got his start on YouTube making videos inspired by other streamers. But with support from members of the streaming community, he made the seamless transition over to streaming in 2018.