Mizkif shares update on platforming game Unrooted

Despite being in early alpha, the game is looking promising.

Screengrab via Mizkif

Mizkif has become quite the entrepreneur over the past few years. In addition to his successful stream or involvement in creating the esports organization OTK, the streamer has shown off another avenue he’s been exploring with his own game, Unrooted.

During a recent stream, Mizkif unveiled footage taken from the game’s pre-alpha stage to give his viewers an idea of what they can expect when the game is completed and made available in the future.

The Jump King-like gameplay is complemented by a unique cartoon art style. Playing as what appears to be an unnamed sapling, Mizkif said that there will be story elements for players as they progress through the game.

Mizkif shared his team had been working hard on the project, but the current footage lacked many of the animations and other important mechanics that will be found within the finished product.

Elaborating on his goals for the game, Mizkif said that he wanted to create something that felt addicting, similar to the Jump King game that seemingly inspired Unrooted. He also joked that he’d like to see the game become the next “gambling meta.”

The last time fans got to take a look at the game, it was still in the conceptual stages, so today’s showing seemed to be a much more complete product.

Right now, there is no announced timeline for release, and as the footage notes, it is still within the early alpha stage.