Mako leaves 100 Thieves and The Mob to focus on mental health

Fans have expressed their support for his decision.

Image via 100 Thieves

100 Thieves content creator and The Mob member Mako is moving on from the organization and content creation to return home to New York, he announced last night. He plans to step away from social media altogether to focus on his mental health. 

The Mob consisted of Mako, Avalanche, Classify, and Froste, who have relatively large social media followings and audiences on Twitch and YouTube. The group is prevalent in the Call of Duty community and they’ve been active members for years. 

The four members initially joined SoaR Gaming in 2018 but left in March 2019. The Mob joined 100 Thieves in June 2019 and has steadily produced content with the organization and on their own channels. They’ve become a staple in most 100 Thieves videos on YouTube and run their channels and The Mob YouTube channel. 

Mako explained in a TwitLonger that he hasn’t been happy for a long time and doesn’t want to pursue a career in content creation. He isn’t comfortable in front of a camera and feels like this is the lowest he’s been in his life. 

Mako also explained that he isn’t just stepping away from content creation but social media as a whole to focus on his mental health. 

“I plan on looking into therapy in NY and stepping away from the plague that is social media,” Mako said. “I used to check my timeline quite literally the entire day every day, it was so unhealthy, and I haven’t enjoyed it in a long time.”

Many fans are sad to see Mako leave but understand and support his decision to focus on his mental health.