Ludwig left out of 2021 Twitch Recap

Ludwig fans lament their streamer's absence.

Screengrab via Ludwig

Popular streamer and content creator, Ludwig Ahgren, has noticeably been left out of the 2021 Twitch Recap. The former Twitch star who recently left the platform for YouTube expressed via Twitter that while he understands the decision, “it’s still sad to be erased from so many people’s year.”

Before making the move to YouTube Gaming, Ludwig had quickly risen as one of Twitch’s premier streamers. During his time on Twitch, Ludwig had amassed 3.1 million followers and quickly cultivated a dedicated fan base. This year was especially a highlight reel for the 26-year-old streamer since he held his month-long sub-a-thon, as well as multiple IRL events in collaboration with other streamers.

Only weeks ago, Ludwig became the latest streamer to join the ranks of YouTube livestreaming. Despite being a massive creator on his previous platform, Twitch has largely sought to erase his presence on the platform in its yearly recap.

This annual Twitch recap is meant to encapsulate each viewer’s individual stats and experiences on Twitch in the past year. This yearly reflection typically includes top categories, top emotes, and the most-viewed streamers.

Though many fans have lamented the exclusion of Ludwig, the streamer himself took a neutral approach to the dilemma. After surviving multiple bans on his new platform, Ludwig can still be found on YouTube, both streaming and regularly creating videos for the video content platform.