‘That’s a big number’: LazarBeam cracks huge subscriber milestone on YouTube

A massive YouTube moment for the Aussie.

Image: youtube.fandom.com

Lannan Neville Eacott, better known by his online alias LazerBeam, has punched the 20 million subscriber mark on YouTube. LazerBeam’s channel mainly combines Fortnite and Minecraft gameplay with reaction videos and a weirder, meme-driven, and comedic angle that appeals to his enormous audience.

According to Social Blade, LazerBeam is the third overall Australian YouTuber, only behind Chloe Ting and Bounce Patrol Kids Songs, who rank second and first respectively.

The Australian YouTuber, gamer, and internet star took to Twitter to report the 20 million milestone, commenting “that’s a big number” paired with a heart emoji.

LazarBeam is largely recognized for his video game commentary videos with plenty of comedy infused into them. Some of the Aussie’s biggest videos on his channel include “removing every keybind and winning“—just shy of 40 million views—features LazerBeam jumping into Fortnite and undertaking a unique challenge: every key binding is removed. When he dies, he’s able to assign one binding at a time.

Another YouTube video (his most viewed to date), is approaching the 50 million mark. It is titled “I became a stream sniper…” In it, LazarBeam stream-snipes fellow Australian streamer Lachlan in pure comedic fashion.

In January 2020, it was announced that Eacott signed a deal to exclusively stream on YouTube, previously streaming on Twitch before the signing. To celebrate, Eacott undertook a 12-hour stream with fellow Australian YouTuber Elliot “Muselk” Watkins to raise money for the 2020 Australian bushfire relief effort.

LazarBeam really took off in the YouTube Gaming scene in Jan. 2015.