KingRichard ditches Twitch for Facebook Gaming

The streamer will also make content for Instagram.

Image via Facebook

Streamer KingRichard has signed with Facebook Gaming to produce content exclusively on the platform and Instagram. His first stream will take place today, Sept. 8, at 2pm CT.

KingRichard is known for his positivity during streams. “While all competitive livestreamers teach by example, KingRichard is one who will really take the time to teach his fans how to level up their in-game skills,” Leo Olebe, Facebook’s global director of games partnerships, told Tubefilter.

KingRichard started streaming in 2014 and became famous for playing Apex LegendsOverwatch, and Fortnite. He’s recently played a lot of CoD: Modern Warfare and will leave Twitch with 1.5 million followers.

He’ll also focus on Instagram content, where he has 675,000 followers. “There’s a lot of flexibility with how I’m able to distribute my content. I’m able to livestream on both Facebook Gaming and Instagram Live,” KingRichard said. “Having the ability to livestream in different ways will help me be there for them when I’m needed and still grow my career in meaningful ways.”

Facebook Gaming has around 200 million viewers on its platform but not many gaming streamers. Disguised Toast was one of the first to sign with Facebook Gaming in November 2019. He’s a part of Offline TV and uploads videos on YouTube, but all of his streams are exclusively done on Facebook.

When Mixer shut down on July 23, the platform encouraged its creators to move to Facebook instead of its biggest competitor, Twitch. The biggest names from Mixer, like Ninja and Shroud, chose to become free agents.

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