Keemstar temporarily issues $10,000 bounty on Dafran in Rust after being banned from his stream

Keemstar made another tweet a few minutes later, canceling the bounty.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Former Overwatch pro Dafran recently returned to streaming and has been playing on the Offline TV Rust server. Many fans have enjoyed watching the iconic player interact and fight other streamers, but he’s also attracted fans that he’d rather avoid.

Dafran recently banned Keemstar from his stream after he donated, which prompted Keemstar to issue a $10,000 bounty on the former Overwatch pro.

Keemstar is the notorious host of a gaming-focused drama channel that’s been criticized by the community for years. Many personalities try to steer clear of interacting with him to avoid controversy or out of personal preference. 

Dafran noticed that Keemstar donated during a recent livestream and immediately blocked him. 

“Keemstar is a piece of shit, let’s be honest,” Dafran said. “Ban him, get him out of here.”

This prompted Keemstar to post a $10,000 bounty for anyone who kills Dafran and his team in-game. He also called for his in-game house to be blown up, which can be a significant setback in Rust.

Keemstar followed up with another post, however, claiming he’s canceled the bounty because Dafran was planning of having his friends raid him. He also claims that he’ll get on the server through one of his friend’s accounts and will get his revenge.

The OTV Rust server has been shrouded in controversy since some players like role-playing while others prefer the traditional Rust experience. A new server is going live on Jan. 7 to help separate these types of players, which should help avoid further issues. 

It’s unclear if Keemstar will get his revenge, but Dafran should be careful just in case.