IRL streamer spots xQc’s doppelganger in Ireland

He looks almost identical.

xQc talks Lost Ark on Twitch.
Image via xQc/Smilegate

Imagine meeting xQc, one of the world’s famous streamers, in the streets of Ireland during Saint Patrick’s day? It was what Arab, an ex-Fortnite pro turned IRL streamer, almost experienced yesterday.

Arab was wandering around the streets of Ireland (presumably Dublin) and filming it for his stream when he saw random a pedestrian that looked just like xQc. The IRL streamer was immediately enthusiastic and engaged in a conversation with the xQc lookalike, but the stranger was seemingly lost during the dialogue. Arab asked for a photo and said he watched his GTA RP content all of the time.

Even though the random pedestrian was not sure what was going on, he was polite to Arab the entire time and agreed to take a picture. “Hey, you’re a legend, it’s a pleasure to meet you man, you’re actually nuts, I love your streams,” Arab said while the xQc lookalike and his friend walked away.

During the interaction, some viewers on Arab’s Twitch chat thought it was the real xQc while others were not convinced. The IRL streamer shared the content on his Twitter and although it got a lot of traction, xQc has not replied to the thread nor mentioned it on any of his own socials.