How to unlock all skins, hats, and pets in Among Us

You have to look the part before you do your tasks.

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Among Us lets players customize the look of their characters through the use of various cosmetics, including skins, hats, and pets.

These cosmetics are available as a mixture of free items included in the base game, purchasable add-ons, or event exclusives that unlock at various times of the year, such as specific holidays. 

The availability of these items also varies between which version of the game you’re playing. On the mobile version of the game, several hats are free and automatically owned by the player. Meanwhile, all hats and skins are free on the PC version of the game, while pets must be purchased across both platforms. 

You’ll also want to be careful about using specific hats and pets because depending on how much space they take up alongside your crewmate’s character model, it might be easier to spot you trying to get away as the imposter. But if you’re just playing for fun, here’s how you can unlock each of the cosmetics in Among Us, using both platform’s pricing. 

There’s also a special “1M Downloads Hat Bundle” that’s available for $2.99, which features a crown and more to celebrate the game reaching one million downloads. A “MIRA HQ Skin Bundle” is available too, featuring three hats and three skins for $1.99.


The New ChiefFree
Third EyeFree
Aquatic ApparatusFree
Stickmin RiderFree
Hooded FigureFree
Stickmin BrowsFree
Toppat White EditionFree
The Wall CapFree
Vi KingFree
Wall UshankaFree
Freshly ShoweredFree
Toppat GruntFree
What is up, Doc?Free
P HatFree
OSHA CompliantFree
Goggles UpFree
Toppat ChiefFree
Done DFree
Crewmate SuitFree
You Glove to See itFree
I heart uFree
Chocolate ScoopFree
Magical ‘CornFree
Mysterious VagabondFree
Take CoverFree
Pompous PompadourFree
Generally SpeakingFree
Fez upFree
My Name ChefFree
Slippery When WetFree
Two Eggs in a NestFree
We All Float HereFree
Poor ReceptionFree
Young SproutFree
Daisy Me Rollin’Free
Noire EveningFree
Floaty FlamingoFree
Cherry on TopFree
Bein CheesyFree
Safety SecondFree
The Last WipeFree
Ten GallonsFree
Serengetti Outta HereFree
New Years 2019Free
Tiny JimFree
The Ol’ Ball GameFree
Backwards Cap HatFree
Brain Slug$0.99 and Free on PC
Bush Hat$0.99 and Free on PC
Captain Hat$1.99 and Free on PC
Double Top Hat$0.99 and Free on PC
Flowerpot Hat$0.99 and Free on PC
Goggles$0.99 and Free on PC
Hard Hat$1.99 and Free on PC
Military Hat$1.99 and Free on PC
Paper Hat$0.99 and Free on PC
Party HatFree
Police Hat$1.99 and Free on PC
Stethoscope$1.99 and Free on PC
Top HatFree
Towel Wizard$0.99 and Free on PC
Ushanka$0.99 and Free on PC
Viking$0.99 and Free on PC
Wall Cap$1.99 and Free on PC
Snowman (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
Reindeer (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
Garland Hat (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
Christmas Hat (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
Christmas Tree Hat (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
Present (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
Candy Cane Hat (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
Elf Hat (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
2019 Yellow Party Hat (Holidays)Free
White Hat$1.99 and Free on PC
Angel HaloFree
Green Elf CapFree
Flat CapFree
Snorkel and GogglesFree
Stickmin Figure (Pointing forwards)Free
Straw HatFree
Ten Gallon Sheriff HatFree
Eyeball LampFree
Toilet Paper HatFree
Toppat Clan Hat (With leader’s chain around it)Free
Black Fedora HatFree
Ski Goggles HatFree
Landing Headset$1.99 USD
MIRA Hazmat Mask$1.99 USD
Medical MaskFree
MIRA Security Cap$1.99 USD
Safari HatFree
Banana HatFree
Beanie HatFree
Bear Ears HatFree
Cheese HatFree
Egg HatFree
Green Fedora HatFree
Flamingo HatFree
Flower PinFree
Knight HelmetFree
Plant HatFree
Cat Head Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Bat Ears Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Devil Horns Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Mohawk (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Pumpkin Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Paper Bag Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Witch Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Wolf Ears Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Pirate Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Plague Doctor Mask (Halloween)Unlock at Hallowee
Machete Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Hockey Mask (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Miner CapBundle
Winter HatBundle
Bird NestFree
Black BeltFree
Caution SignFree
Chef HatFree
Dum StickerFree
General’s HatFree
Military HelmetFree
Mini CrewmateCrewmate Pet Bundle
Ninja MaskFree
Ram HornsFree
Traffic JamUnavailable
Tightened SecurityMIRA Bundle
Greatest HeadsetMIRA Bundle
Siberia JamesPolus Bundle
Miner SetbackPolus Bundle
Cold OnePolus Bundle
Museum SecurityAirship Bundle
Red-headed OutlawAirship Bundle
Sven SvenssonAirship Bundle
I’m BurtAirship Bundle
Funky FusionAirship Bundle
A Real WizAirship Bundle
MuensterAirship Bundle
Mr. MacbethAirship Bundle
Recruited HenryAirship Bundle
Recruited EllieAirship Bundle
BigheadAirship Bundle
Right Hand HatAirship Bundle
Peach DrinkMIRA Cosmicube
Unique SpeciminMIRA Cosmicube
One in the HandMIRA Cosmicube
Vine just VineMIRA Cosmicube
Exotic FlowerMIRA Cosmicube
Important DocumentsMIRA Cosmicube
Head in the CloudsMIRA Cosmicube
Winter ArrivesPolus Cosmicube
Muffs for the EarsPolus Cosmicube
Abominal HeadPolus Cosmicube
EruptivePolus Cosmicube
Ice CapPolus Cosmicube
RupertAirship Cosmicube
Prototype HelmetAirship Cosmicube
Greatest Headset (Airship Cosmicube)Airship Cosmicube
Sir Wilford IVAirship Cosmicube
Thomas TopAirship Cosmicube
Crane OperatorAirship Cosmicube
Cool KatieAirship Cosmicube
Corrupted OfficialAirship Cosmicube
Records RecorderAirship Cosmicube
Surveillance JoeAirship Cosmicube
Caitlyn’s CapArcane Cosmicube
Jayce’s HairArcane Cosmicube
ChomperArcane Cosmicube
Jinx’s HairArcane Cosmicube
Vi’s HairArcane Cosmicube
Heimerdinger’s HairArcane Cosmicube
Claggor’s GogglesArcane Cosmicube
Enforcer HelmetArcane Cosmicube
Mummy MoodTreat Cosmicube
You’re BonedTrick Cosmicube
Franken’s SpouseTrick Cosmicube
FrankenboltsTrick Cosmicube
RIP in PiecesTrick Cosmicube
Splitting HeadacheTrick Cosmicube
Fish HedTrick Cosmicube
CandycornyTrick Cosmicube
Arrow’dTrick Cosmicube
Up All Night RavingTrick Cosmicube
Clown TownTrick Cosmicube
Fairy FluttersTrick Cosmicube
Digging HelmetInnersloth Cosmicube
Hole in OneInnersloth Cosmicube
StrikeInnersloth Cosmicube
Shrine to the DeitiesInnersloth Cosmicube
You’re Out!Innersloth Cosmicube
DrillInnersloth Cosmicube
Haunted Hotel HatInnersloth Cosmicube
HeaderInnersloth Cosmicube
Visor HatInnersloth Cosmicube
SpikedInnersloth Cosmicube
That Old Top Hat we FoundSnowbean Cosmicube
GingercrewSnowbean Cosmicube
Deck The HallsSnowbean Cosmicube
KrampusSnowbean Cosmicube
Yule Need to Log inSnowbean Cosmicube
Kiss meSnowbean Cosmicube
Smitten’d & Mitten’dSnowbean Cosmicube
Crack-a-lackingSnowbean Cosmicube
Pining for youSnowbean Cosmicube
Comfy PomSnowbean Cosmicube
SnowflakeSnowbean Cosmicube
BatbeanObtainable during Halloween
Imp-ressiveObtainable during Halloween
MoRawkObtainable during Halloween
Gift WrappedObtainable during Christmas
Oh Dear, RainObtainable during Christmas
Presents DudeObtainable during Christmas
FrostedObtainable during Christmas
EvergreenObtainable during Christmas


Pilot’s LicenseFree
I’ll Fix ItFree
Officer OutfitFree
Dark ScientistFree
Land HereMira Bundle
UnderminerPolus Bundle
Jacket UpPolus Bundle
Unearthed WondersPolus Bundle
Chaos Containment CrewmateAirship Bundle
Inmate 2112Airship Bundle
Right Hand Man: RebornAirship Bundle
SneakyMIRA Cosmicube
Business SkirtMIRA Cosmicube
Ice to Meet YouPolus Cosmicube
Rock SolidPolus Cosmicube
Cozy SweaterPolus Cosmicube
Abominal SnowmatePolus Cosmicube
Toppat UniformAirship Cosmicube
Toppat SkirtAirship Cosmicube
Airship MechanicAirship Cosmicube
Vested InterestAirship Cosmicube
Bling BlingAirship Cosmicube
General GaleforceAirship Cosmicube
Heimerdinger’s SuitArcane Cosmicube
Jayce’s Council SuitArcane Cosmicube
Enforcer ArmorArcane Cosmicube
Caitlyn’s UniformArcane Cosmicube
Jinx’s ClothesArcane Cosmicube
Vi’s ClothesArcane Cosmicube
I Want my MummyTreat Cosmicube
Crewbo the ClownTrick Cosmicube
Fairy GodcrewmateTrick Cosmicube
The FishmongerTrick Cosmicube
Big Ol’ Pumpkin PantsTrick Cosmicube
I Vant to KeelTrick Cosmicube
Whimsy WitchTrick Cosmicube
Janitorial DutiesInnersloth Cosmicube
Digging KidInnersloth Cosmicube
Sports Team BLUEInnersloth Cosmicube
Sports Team REDInnersloth Cosmicube
Your Boughs so GreenSnowflake Cosmicube
Rain DearSnowbean Cosmicube
Santa’s HelperSnowbean Cosmicube
Claus, Mrs. ClausSnowbean Cosmicube
The NutcrackerSnowbean Cosmicube
Heeeere’s SantaSnowbean Cosmicube
SnowmateSnowbean Cosmicube


SquigBedcrab Pet Bundle
BedcrabBedcrab Pet Bundle
HeadslugBrainslug Pet Bundle
UFOBrainslug Pet Bundle
DoggyAnimal Pet Bundle
HamptonAnimal Pet Bundle
FrankendogTrick Cosmicube
Mini CrewmateCrewmate Pet Bundle
Ro-BotCrewmate Pet Bundle
H. StickminStickmin Pet Bundle
E. RoseStickmin Pet Bundle
Glitch PetAvailable as a Twitch Drop
Heimerdinger’s PoroArcane Cosmicube
Charles ChopperAirship Cosmicube
Toppat ChopperAirship Cosmicube
Deitied Guy
Innersloth Cosmicube
MagmatePolus Cosmicube
SnowballPolus Cosmicube
BushfriendMIRA Cosmicube

Visor Cosmetics

Visor CosmeticPrice
Note 2 SelfFree
Safe Not SorryFree
a n g e r yFree
My Name GeoffFree
Oh You100 Beans
Bombastic100 Beans
Happeh100 Beans
Among Us Cracked 2021100 Beans
Wash Me100 Beans
dot dot dot100 Beans
Patched Eye100 Beans
Lollipop100 Beans
Pierced100 Beans
Safety First100 Beans
Tiny Specs100 Beans
Dadgum100 Beans
ShadesMIRA Bundle
Blocks ToxicsMIRA Bundle
Double MonoclesAirship Bundle
Right Hand StacheAirship Bundle
PasscardMIRA Cosmicube
SpectaclesMIRA Cosmicube
Icicle TearsPolus Cosmicube
Hit the SlopesPolus Cosmicube
HelmeltedPolus Cosmicube
Reginald StacheAirship Cosmicube
KrieghausAirship Cosmicube
ScarredAirship Cosmicube
Mr. GAirship Cosmicube
Galeforce WhiskersAirship Cosmicube
Heimerdinger’s MoustacheArcane Cosmicube
Jinx’s GogglesArcane Cosmicube
That’s a WrapTreat Cosmicube
Clownin’ AroundTrick Cosmicube
Masque’d UpTrick Cosmicube
Got My Eye on YouTrick Cosmicube
A BeardInnersloth Cosmicube
Dig DownInnersloth Cosmicube
Ghostly MoustacheInnersloth Cosmicube
WurmInnersloth Cosmicube
Shop HereInnersloth Cosmicube
HAPPY NEW YEAR – 2021Snowflake Cosmicube
Carrot NoseSnowbean Cosmicube
Crack-a-stacheSnowbean Cosmicube
Santa’s BeardSnowbean Cosmicube
Great GoalieObtainable during Halloween
PlaguedObtainable during Halloween


Today’s Menu: Pizza JuiceMIRA Cosmicube
Whose Vine Is It Anyway?MIRA Cosmicube
The Sky BelowMIRA Cosmicube
Hive got to do WeaponsMIRA Cosmicube
Wood you look at thatMIRA Cosmicube
SimSong StanPolus Cosmicube
Snowmates of PolusPolus Cosmicube
Polus HorizonPolus Cosmicube
SpecimenPolus Cosmicube
Polus PlanetPolus Cosmicube
Ground PolusPolus Cosmicube
LavalyPolus Cosmicube
Snowy LandsPolus Cosmicube
Colors of PolusPolus Cosmicube
The Greatest NameplateAirship Cosmicube
C4 PlateAirship Cosmicube
Airship HullAirship Cosmicube
The Vault AboveAirship Cosmicube
Emeralds!Airship Cosmicube
Rubies!Airship Cosmicube
Diamonds!Airship Cosmicube
Above the CloudsAirship Cosmicube
Airship ToppatAirship Cosmicube
Spooky WoodsTrick Cosmicube
Candy TimeTrick Cosmicube
Jack-o-PumkpinTrick Cosmicube
Dig2ChinaInnersloth Cosmicube
SPORTSInnersloth Cosmicube
GhostsInnersloth Cosmicube
GreeneryInnersloth Cosmicube
SandstoneInnersloth Cosmicube
TreesInnersloth Cosmicube
BackyardInnersloth Cosmicube
Snow is GlisteningSnowbean Cosmicube
The Stars are Brightly ShiningSnowbean Cosmicube
By The Chimney with CareSnowbean Cosmicube