How to unlock all skins, hats, and pets in Among Us

You have to look the part before you do your tasks.

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Among Us lets players customize the look of their characters through the use of various cosmetics, including skins, hats, and pets.

These cosmetics are available as a mixture of free items included in the base game, purchasable add-ons, or event exclusives that unlock at various times of the year, such as specific holidays. 

The availability of these items also varies between which version of the game you’re playing. On the mobile version of the game, several hats are free and automatically owned by the player. Meanwhile, all hats and skins are free on the PC version of the game, while pets must be purchased across both platforms. 

You’ll also want to be careful about using specific hats and pets because depending on how much space they take up alongside your crewmate’s character model, it might be easier to spot you trying to get away as the imposter. But if you’re just playing for fun, here’s how you can unlock each of the cosmetics in Among Us, using both platform’s pricing. 


Backwards Cap HatFree
Brain Slug$0.99 and Free on PC
Bush Hat$0.99 and Free on PC
Captain Hat$1.99 and Free on PC
Double Top Hat$0.99 and Free on PC
Flowerpot Hat$0.99 and Free on PC
Goggles$0.99 and Free on PC
Hard Hat$1.99 and Free on PC
Military Hat$1.99 and Free on PC
Paper Hat$0.99 and Free on PC
Party HatFree
Police Hat$1.99 and Free on PC
Stethoscope$1.99 and Free on PC
Top HatFree
Towel Wizard$0.99 and Free on PC
Ushanka$0.99 and Free on PC
Viking$0.99 and Free on PC
Wall Cap$1.99 and Free on PC
Snowman (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
Reindeer (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
Garland Hat (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
Christmas Hat (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
Christmas Tree Hat (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
Present (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
Candy Cane Hat (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
Elf Hat (Holidays)Unlock at Christmas
2019 Yellow Party Hat (Holidays)Free
White Hat$1.99 and Free on PC
Angel HaloFree
Green Elf CapFree
Flat CapFree
Snorkel and GogglesFree
Stickmin Figure (Pointing forwards)Free
Straw HatFree
Ten Gallon Sheriff HatFree
Eyeball LampFree
Toilet Paper HatFree
Toppat Clan Hat (With leader’s chain around it)Free
Black Fedora HatFree
Ski Goggles HatFree
Landing Headset$1.99 USD
MIRA Hazmat Mask$1.99 USD
Medical MaskFree
MIRA Security Cap$1.99 USD
Safari HatFree
Banana HatFree
Beanie HatFree
Bear Ears HatFree
Cheese HatFree
Egg HatFree
Green Fedora HatFree
Flamingo HatFree
Flower PinFree
Knight HelmetFree
Plant HatFree
Cat Head Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Bat Ears Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Devil Horns Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Mohawk (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Pumpkin Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Paper Bag Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Witch Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Wolf Ears Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Pirate Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Plague Doctor Mask (Halloween)Unlock at Hallowee
Machete Hat (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Hockey Mask (Halloween)Unlock at Halloween
Miner CapBundle
Winter HatBundle
Bird NestFree
Black BeltFree
Caution SignFree
Chef HatFree
Dum StickerFree
General’s HatFree
Military HelmetFree
Mini CrewmateFree
Ninja MaskFree
Ram HornsFree

There’s also a special “1M Downloads Hat Bundle” that’s available for $2.99, which features a crown and more to celebrate the game reaching one million downloads. A “MIRA HQ Skin Bundle” is available too, featuring three hats and three skins for $1.99.


Astronaut$1.99 and Free on PC
Captain$1.99 and Free on PC
Mechanic$1.99 and Free on PC
Military$1.99 and Free on PC
Police$1.99 and Free on PC
Scientist$1.99 and Free on PC
Black Suit$1.99 and Free on PC
White Suit$1.99 and Free on PC
Wall Guard Suit$1.99 and Free on PC
MIRA Hazmat$1.99
MIRA Security Guard$1.99


BundlePets IncludedPrice
Bedcrab Pet BundleSquiq and Bedcrab$2.99
Brainslug Pet BundleBrainslug and UFO$2.99
Hamster Pet BundleDog and Hamster$2.99
Mini Crewmate BundleMini Crewmate and Robot$2.99
Stickmin Pet BundleHenry and Ellie$2.99