How to start a Hype Train on Twitch

Choo Choo!

Image via Twitch

A Hype Train on Twitch is a visual illustration of an influx in monetary support for a given channel. The support can come in the form of subscriptions, dollar donations, or donations of at least 100 bits, but it can’t be started by just one viewer. It has to be a community effort.

Subscriptions that contribute to a Hype Train can be normal subscriptions, Prime subs, or even gifted subs. The exact number of contributions required to start a Hype Train can fluctuate from channel to channel depending on thresholds set by each individual streamer.

This setting can be adjusted by going to the “Community Support & Recognition” section of your Affiliate or Partner settings on Twitch.

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As an affiliate, you can set your Hype Train to begin with three support events at a minimum, but you can also set the threshold for starting a Hype Train as high as 25.

After a Hype Train, there is a cooldown for when the next one can happen. That cooldown is also set by the streamer and can range from 1-8 hours.

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If you’d like to know exactly what it takes to start a Hype Train on your favorite streamer’s channel, just ask the streamer or a moderator for the channel, and you’ll likely be able to get your answer from them.