How to get in-game Rust drops by watching Twitch

You have until Jan. 14.

Screengrab via Facepunch Studios

Following the opening of a Rust server by popular content creation group Offline TV, the survival game has popped off on Twitch with top streamers like xQc and Shroud reeling in more than 100,000 viewers regularly.

Looking to reward dedicated viewers and fans of Rust, its developer Facepunch and Twitch have activated in-game drops for people who watch channels that have the “Drops Enabled” tag. 

The first step to getting those spicy new cosmetics is to connect your Twitch and Steam accounts by signing into both and using the “Connections” tab in your Twitch account settings. Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is sit back and watch your favorite Rust streamers who have drops available. 

Drops are only available until Jan. 14 at 5:30pm CT, so you have about a week to earn them. 

While there are three drops that you can earn from watching any channel with drops enabled, there are some streamer-specific cosmetics available as well for fans who want to roam Rust repping Shroud, Myth, Pokimane, xQC, or Lilypichu. 

Screengrab via Facepunch

Drops are based on how much time you spend watching a stream. So for the universal Twitch drops, you can get a sofa by watching any streamer for two hours, an Industrial Door after four hours, and a Hobo Barrel after eight.

To get any streamer-specific loot, you’ll need to watch that content creator for four hours. The list of streamers involved in Rust’s Twitch drop event are:

  • Auronplay: branded hoodie
  • Jacksepticeye: storage chest
  • Lilypichu: branded hoodie
  • Ludwig: branded hoodie
  • Myth: skeletal chest plate
  • Pokimane: branded garage door
  • Shroud: branded hoodie
  • Sykkuno: branded long sleeve shirt
  • xQc: black and blue assault rifle