Hasan says he would ‘destroy’ xQc in a boxing match

The Twitch star has created a tier list of his own.

Screengrab via HasanAbi on YouTube

During a broadcast yesterday, Hasan created a tier list of fellow streamers based on whether he could beat them in a boxing match. Midway through this stream, the creator put xQc in the “would utterly destroy them” tier and claimed he could now be called out by xQc for creating a tier list.

Less than a week ago, xQc created a streamer tier list that caused strife among many of the top streamers. Mizkif claimed tier lists that rank streamers are “very shitty to do” and even Hasan himself took issue with the list, saying that he “hates him a little now” for his placement in the rankings. But now, the 30-year-old has created a tier list of his own—and he thinks he would “destroy” xQc in a fight.

“OK, I’m putting xQc on the ‘would utterly destroy,'” Hasan said. “Yeah, I love tier lists. I take tier lists very seriously. I’m gonna put him in ‘would utterly destroy him.'”

Hasan then went on to jokingly say that xQc could now call him a hypocrite for creating his own tier list after complaining about someone else’s, before moving on to the rest of the rankings. Despite the drama surrounding the two streamers, Hasan seems to be taking things lightly in his iteration of a streamer tier list.

With the massive success of iDubbbz’s Creator Clash last month, many content creators on Twitch have shown interest in the sport of boxing, so there’s no telling if we’ll someday see the two feuding streamers enter the ring. There’s a large weight disparity between them, though, so they probably wouldn’t face off against each other.