Hasan banned on Twitch for ‘anti white racism’

The streamer confirmed the reasoning behind the ban today.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/hasanabi

One of Twitch’s most popular streamers Hasan Piker received a ban from the streaming platform today. Hasan said he was banned for “anti white racism” following his use of the word “cracker” during a broadcast.

The ban occurred after Hasan concluded his broadcast today, in which he watched clips from a previous stream with around 40,000 viewers. The streamer says the ban is linked to the ongoing debate between himself and viewers regarding the use of the term “cracker” towards white people.

As is standard with Twitch’s bans, the platform hasn’t shared any of its reasoning as to why it suspended Hasan’s account. Twitch prohibits hateful conduct including racism on its platform, per the terms of service.

“We will take action on all instances of hateful conduct and harassment, with an increasing severity of enforcement when the behavior is targeted, personal, graphic, or repeated/prolonged, incites further abuse, or involves threats of violence or coercion,” Twitch says in its terms of service. “The most egregious violations may result in an indefinite suspension on the first offense.”

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