GTA V’s NoPixel roleplay server may have just lost its chief of police

Chief Snow was killed in a coordinated ambush during a car chase.

GTA V fan-trailer
Image via Rockstar Games

Twitch streamer uhSnow may have just flipped Grand Theft Auto V’s NoPixel roleplay server on its head by permadeathing his character, Chief of Police John Snow, earlier today.

Chief Snow was pursuing a suspect in a car chase when the driver turned onto a residential street. Instead of continuing an attempt to speed away, the suspect strangely began driving slowly.

Snow was confused by the strategy and wondered if maybe the suspect was trying to brake check the police cruiser.

Suddenly, gun shots were fired from atop the homes on the left side of Snow’s car, striking the vehicle and the officer.

Snow did his best to speed away in reverse and get to cover, but he was already mortally wounded. He began bleeding out and eventually died.

Soon after, other officers and medics reported to the scene where they began treating Snow for his injuries.

This is where things get a bit ambiguous. UhSnow put a widescreen effect on his stream and began playing dramatic orchestral music to build tension and anticipation with his viewers.

The music arrived at a crescendo, and then, uhSnow ended the stream.

It’s unclear whether uhSnow respawned Chief Snow or if he simply left the stream on a cliffhanger. But his chat suspects that Chief Snow is, in fact, gone.

UhSnow recently said how frustrated he was with the toxicity and backseat gaming that came as a result of roleplaying as a police officer. Tensions between law enforcement and criminals on the server have been approaching a tipping point with rumors of undercover cop surveillance and judges signing warrants to raid drug houses. So it’s not outlandish to think uhSnow saw this as an opportunity to escape the role and start anew.

From a roleplay perspective, seeing the city’s chief of police murdered in a premeditated ambush could be incredible. The drama and storylines that would develop as the city tries to figure out who was responsible and who will replace Snow (not to mention the internal rifts that would develop within the police) would provide excellent content for viewers.

It’d be hard for anyone to leave such a high-ranking roleplay position, though. UhSnow could be merely pranking his viewers with plans to return to the game tomorrow.

In the world of NoPixel roleplaying, dying doesn’t trigger an automatic respawn. Once the player is down, they have the option to wait for either paramedics to treat and transport them, or for another player to pick them up and drive them to a doctor. But the downed player isn’t allowed to use their phone to call for help. They can only use in-game voice chat to try and draw attention.

Choosing to respawn carries a great deal of consequences. Respawning means the in-game character is dead for good. The player must create an entirely new character and forget everything that happened with the old one.

If Chief Snow truly is gone, we’ll have to wait and see what new character uhSnow returns to NoPixel as. Maybe uhSnow’s fans can call upon the services of Melisandre to bring this John Snow back from the dead, too.