G FUEL launch xQc ‘The Juice’ collaboration flavor

The collector's box sold out in minutes.

Screengrab via YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Urr7DLz4s2I&list=TLGGZVVkWMCifKwwODA0MjAyMQ&t=8s&ab_channel=xQcOW)

One of Twitch’s most popular personalities xQc has partnered with gaming beverage company G FUEL to give fans their first taste of ‘The Juice.’

Earlier today G FUEL launched the new flavor on their website alongside a collector’s box, including a limited-edition xQc shaker cup.

Fans who wanted to get their hands on this bundle had very little opportunity as it was sold out within minutes of going live. Fortunately, those who want to try the flavor still can purchase a tub with 40 servings of The Juice from G FUEL’s website.

The product was showcased on xQc’s stream on April 6 when G FUEL sent the streamer a box filled the product and tangled cables for good measure.

If you were after the collector’s box, there may still be opportunities to purchase it in the future as in the past G FUEL has restocked similar bundles. You can be notified when this happens by signing to the mailing list on the store.