Dr Disrespect says he has ‘resolved’ his legal dispute with Twitch and is ‘moving on’

He will not be returning to the platform.

Photo via MLG

Dr Disrespect posted on Twitter today that he has “resolved” his legal dispute with Twitch, ending a conflict between the streamer and the platform that began more than a year and a half ago.

In June 2020, Twitch banned Dr Disrespect from the platform, and according to him, the company never explained to him exactly why he was banned. Following his permanent suspension, Dr Disrespect, who had an exclusivity contract with the platform, threatened legal action and ultimately moved to YouTube.

Neither the Doc nor Twitch were willing to admit to any wrongdoing, according to his social media post, and the streamer said he is “moving on.” In a follow-up post, Dr Disrespect confirmed that while the dispute has concluded, he will not be returning to Twitch. He will continue to stream on YouTube Gaming.

Prior to his ban, Doc was among the highest-paid content creators on Twitch, and he said last August that he was beginning to pursue legal action against Twitch through a lawsuit. More than a year after his ban, he said he still did not know why he was banned.

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