Does Technoblade have merch? – Technoblade’s official merch location

Get in line.

Image via Technoblade

When you like a content creator so much, it’s only natural that you may also want to show your support for them in your day-to-day life. T-shirts, hats, or any other merch can be perfect for showing your allegiance and boosting your style.

Technoblade is one of the most popular Minecraft content creators out there, but he doesn’t often advertise his own merch, which may make fans wonder whether Technoblade even has official merch. Technoblade does have official merch, but they come in drops and sell relatively fast.

As of now, Technoblade collaborates with Youtooz for his official merch. Past drops included plushies, figures, and bags. Considering the supply is limited, fans will have a bit of competition since everything may sell out before based on the turnout.

If you were out of luck and there aren’t any upcoming Technoblade merch drops on Youtooz, it can be a decent idea to keep an eye on both Technoblade’s and Youtooz’s socials as both parties announce upcoming drops beforehand.

Some fans who can’t wait for the next supply drop purchase third-party solutions since there are many merch websites out there that also sell Technoblade items. The purchases made off such websites likely do not directly support Technoblade, however, and they may not even be licensed.