Creator Clash: Scores, standings, and live results

The influencer beatdown begins.

Image via Creator Clash/Real Good Touring

The first ever Creator Clash held in Tampa Bay, Florida will see eighteen influencers in their first ever boxing matches. Hosted on the University of South Florida’s main campus, all proceeds from the sold out event are set to go to the American Heart Association and Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Online tickets for the event can still be purchased on Creator Clash’s website, and viewers can watch the event in its entirety up to 48 hours after it has concluded.

Created and lead by the popular YouTuber iDubbbz, all eighteen fighters have trained with boxing professionals for the past six to eight months leading up to the fight. With content creators spanning platforms like YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and more, the event boasts one of the most unique fight cards in influencer boxing history.

Along with featuring two professional boxing matches, Creator Clash will see nine matches between influencer fighters. Below are the upcoming matches:

  • Dad vs. Matt Watson
  • Ryan MaGee vs. Alex Ernst
  • Internet Comment Etiquette vs. DJ Welch
  • Yodeling Haley vs. Justaminx
  • I Did A Thing vs. TheOdd1sOut
  • Michael Reeves vs. Graham Stephan
  • Hundar vs. AB from the H3 Podcast
  • Harley (Epic Meal Time) vs. Arin Hanson
  • iDubbbz vs. Dr. Mike

Creator Clash live results

Dad vs. Matt Watson

Dad defeats Matt Watson by TKO

The first match-up of the night ended in quick fashion, as Dad came out of the gate swinging. The enigmatic YouTuber jumped on Matt Watson and quickly landed a flurry of shots targeted at Watson’s head. Less than one minute after the opening bell rang, the referee called the match in Dad’s favor. Though absolutely caught off guard by Dad’s surprise aggression, Watson at least remained standing throughout the short match.

Ryan MaGee vs. Alex Ernst

Alex Ernst defeats Ryan MaGee by Unanimous Decision

An offensive battle, MaGee and Ernst went blow for blow and ran the entire course of their five round bout. The first three rounds saw the two fighters match each other, but Ernst began to pull away in round four. Though both fighters showed visible fatigue, Ernst managed to knock MaGee to the ground in multiple instances and drew blood before the start of the final round. Though MaGee was able to last through the final round with impressive endurance, the judges ultimately scored the fight in Ernst’s favor.

Internet Comment Etiquette vs. DJ Welch

DJ Welch defeats Internet Comment Etiquette by TKO

The heavyweight match-up between Internet Comment Etiquette (Erik) and DJ Welch ended in a decisive two-round win for Welch. Though a late entry into Creator Clash, DJ Welch was quick to launch countless blows to his opponent. Internet Comment Etiquette was knocked down three times before the close of the second round, and the match was ended before the third round could begin.

I Did A Thing vs. TheOdd1sOut

I Did A Thing defeats TheOdd1sOut by TKO

The match-up between I Did A Thing and TheOdd1sOut ended quickly in the Australian inventor’s favor, earning a win by TKO one minute and 24 seconds into the first round. A stark jab by I Did A Thing quickly stunned his animator opponent, who struggled to regain his footing in the final seconds of the fight. The referee soon called the match before the first round could end.

Yodeling Haley vs. Justaminx

Justaminx defeats Yodeling Haley by TKO

Both fighters came out the gate swinging, stringing together impressive combinations in a fairly even first round. Near the end of round two, however, Minx flaunted the strength of her right hook and quickly began to take over the fight. TikTok star Haley kept standing despite sustaining countless big hits, remaining in the fight even after Minx bloodied her nose. Though Haley managed to rally at the beginning of several rounds, Minx’s sheer power managed to win the match, with the referee ending the match in round four.

Hundar vs. AB from the H3 Podcast

Hundar defeats AB from H3 Podcast by TKO

The cruiserweight bout was a technical match-up of speed versus strength, though Hundar eventually emerged with the win. During the opening rounds, Hundar planted himself in the ring, taking few shots as AB constantly looked for opportunities to get in close. AB had a shining moment in round three, knocking Hundar to the ground and putting the defensive fighter on the backfoot. Hundar managed to outlast AB however, and AB’s exhaustion became apparent in the later rounds. After several strong shots in the fifth and final round, the referee called the match in Hundar’s favor by technical knockout.

Michael Reeves vs. Graham Stephan

Michael Reeves defeats Graham Stephen by TKO

The lightweight bout between financial advisor Graham Stephan and mad-scientist-programmer Michael Reeves ended in a round two TKO for Reeves. In the first round, Reeves showed off his elusive dodging, bobbing and weaving through Graham’s straight-forward striking. After spending a majority of round one on the defense, Reeves exploded into the start of round two, landing continual body shots before taking aim to Stephan’s head. After cornering the financial YouTuber, Stephan called the fight off and Reeves was awarded the win by TKO.

Harley (Epic Meal Time) vs. Arin Hanson

Harley defeats Arin Hanson by TKO

The heavyweight match-up saw early heavy hits from both Harley of Epic Meal Time and Arin Hanson of Game Grumps. In the early phases of round two, Harley kept Hanson at a distance and set himself up for massive headshots and uppercuts. In the later half of the second and final round, Harley moved Hanson against the ropes and ended the match early with a barrage of body shots. After the referee stopped the fight in the finals seconds of the round, the Sauce Boss was given the win via TKO.

iDubbbz vs. Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike defeats iDubbbz by Unanimous Decision

The main event of the night went the full five-round distance, though Dr. Mike eventual left with the final win of the event. Going toe-to-toe in the first round, Dr. Mike quickly pulled out a monstrous right hook that staggered iDubbbz early on. Though managing to slip in several jabs with impressive dodging skills, iDubbbz was definitively on the backfoot, as Dr. Mike controlled the pace of the match. Often going into the clinch for moments of reprieve from the Doctor’s onslaught, iDubbbz showed plenty of heart, staying in the match until the end, and even managed to get in the last punch before the final bell.

Professional Undercard

Fabian Andre Lopez Nieves defeats Rufino Lewis by TKO