Crab Game developer says game is ‘safe’ after DDoS scare

Crab Games is back on the menu.

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Crab Games developer DaniDev announced via Twitter that the multiplayer battle royale is once again safe for streamers to play. The developer claims that streamers playing in public lobbies will no longer risk IP leaks.

Previously, Crab Game was built on the FacePunch Steam P2P network, which proved to be incredibly insecure. This lead to countless streamers, including the likes of Sodapoppin, xQc, and Nick Polom getting their IP leaked and consequently DDoSed. In response, DaniDev warned streamers to avoid public lobbies while the problem was addressed.

After switching to Steam’s new network, the game no longer risks IP leaks. DaniDev said the game is now “just as safe as any other game on Steam.” To reassure concerned players, DaniDev provided users a way they can guarantee ‘100%’ safety.

To do this, go into your Steam settings, find ‘Steam Network’ and set it to ‘Friends Only’ or ‘Never.’ DaniDev warns that this slows down network speeds for all P2P games but it will guarantee protection against IP leaks.

This sudden technical malfunction came just days after the release of Crab Game. The game had seen impressive growth and rapidly shot to the top 20 of streamed games on Twitch. Based on the hit Netflix series and international phenomenon, Squid Game, the game’s appeal to streamers and viewers was evident.

The Squid Games concept has been used by the likes of MrBeast, OfflineTV, and more. The seemingly never-ending popularity of this show could mean a resurgence for Crab Game.