Best matching profile pictures for Discord, Steam, and more

How to make sure everyone knows who your duo is.

Whether you met your partner while playing a game or you just want to make sure everyone in the server knows you’re best friends, matching profile pictures (PFPs) are a great way to show your connection. The key to matching PFPs is that they aren’t exactly the same, but instead come from the same game or have a similar concept while still maintaining individuality for each person.

But how do you decide what the pictures will be? How do you decide who gets what picture? Where can you find matching PFPs? Here’s everything you need to know about matching profile pictures on Discord, Steam, and more.

How to find matching PFPs

There are basically two ways to have matching PFPs. You can either use one image with two people or characters in it and crop it, or you can use two different images in the same art style that are clearly meant to go together.

pictures via Aramori on Twitter

There are certain Twitter accounts and Discord servers that can provide resources for finding matching PFPs, but we suggest caution because some original artwork posted on these accounts does not include the proper attribution to the artist who made them. Whenever you use a piece of fan art or an original idea from an artist as your PFP, you should always credit them and make sure they are okay with you using their artwork as a PFP.

To avoid issues with stealing the work of artists, it is also possible to take your own screengrabs from games that you play and use the art from there. Since most of the artwork in-game (like sprays, player icons, emotes) are highly recognizable, copyright isn’t so much of an issue here. You can also take these screengrabs and edit them yourself on your computer or on your phone.

Now that you know how to find a matching PFP, here are five ideas to make sure you and your duo are the most coordinated in the group chat.

Compatible characters from your favorite games

If you are matching PFPs with your duo, there’s nothing more fitting then each sporting the image of the characters you usually play in your favorite game. Often, if you have coordination with your duo, you usually play characters that can support or feed off of each other in-game. Setting your PFP as these characters not only shows everyone who your main is, but also who helps you get those wins. Some examples of this include Jett and Sage from VALORANT or Mercy and Pharah from Overwatch. You can have fun with how you choose to portray the characters, too.

Images via spicyypyro on Twitter

It’s also possible, if you play an MMO or RPG with your duo, to use screengrabs of your characters for your matching PFPs. This makes the images even more personal and customized, and if the screengrabs are taken with the same background or in the same area of the game, it is easier to tell that they are intended to match. You can also have your characters pose together, take one picture, and then crop it.

If you and your partner or friend are fans of Pokémon, you could pick two different starter Pokémon or two different cover legendary Pokémon from the same generation that recognizably go together. The possibilities are endless and there is definitely added personality when using matching PFPs from the same game.

Characters from show/movie you’ve seen together

Maybe you and your partner have a few staple shows or movies you watch over and over. Or maybe there are two anime characters you both relate to. This can be a great opportunity to choose matching PFPs, especially if characters on the show interact with each other a lot. There are a lot of ways to play off of facial expressions, funny moments, or popular scenes.

Though several streaming services black out the screen when you try to take a screengrab, there are still ways to find the images, whether that’s through YouTube scene compilations or through images the show has released itself.

If there are two characters from a show, movie, or anime that you can’t find a good screengrab of or don’t have many interactions together, you could also draw them yourself or commission an artist to draw them for you. Commissioning an artist is another great way to not only get a PFP that is exactly what you want, but also to guarantee that no one else will be using the same one

Commission independent artist for unique PFPs

There are many independent artists across a variety of social media platforms who excel in a variety of art styles to suit whatever vision you’re going for. When you support an independent artist, you’re not only getting a unique piece, but you’re also ensuring that you aren’t violating any copyright restrictions in using an image. When you pay an artist to create a PFP for you, it’s all yours to use, though you should definitely credit the artist who made it for you, whether it’s in your Discord profile description or Twitter bio.

It’s easy to find independent artists on Twitter, Instagram, and even in Discord communities. Before choosing an artist to work with, it is always good to check out their portfolio or other work to make sure the style(s) they are proficient in aligning with your vision for your PFP. Most artists will be happy to work with you to shape your idea.

You can opt for drawings of already-existing characters in a similar pose or in one photo together that you will eventually crop. Or you can provide the artist with a reference of what you look like in real life, and if they offer it, they may be able to create a drawing of you in a specific style or doing something specific with your partner/friend who you want to match with. The possibilities are endless when it comes to commissioning artists, just make sure you do your research beforehand so you’re satisfied with your final PFPs.

Matching meme PFPs

Memes are always a good strategy when you don’t know what to turn to for your PFP. We share memes with our friends all the time, whether they are a new version of a popular template or silly pictures and interactions that we find ourselves. Using your favorite meme as a matching PFP can be relatable and bring a smile to your and your friend’s faces whenever you join a voice channel.

If you’re looking to go this route, keep an eye out for memes that involve multiple people or perspectives. One guy making a funny face isn’t going to cut it for matching PFPs, but a meme with several panels or involving a group of people can work well.

Images via Aramori on Twitter