Austin joins 100 Thieves as a content creator and producer

Expect to see him in a lot more 100T content soon.

Screengrab via 100 Thieves

Popular Just Chatting streamer and content creator Austin has officially joined 100 Thieves.

He dropped the news shortly before going live today with the most recent episode of his Love or Host “dating” show, this time featuring a platonic theme with Pokimane as the main guest. 

Along with Love or Host, Austin hosts other shows like King of the Hill and his own version of a talent show. He now joins 100 Thieves as both a content creator and producer who will help create and run projects within the organization, while the content team within the org also helps him grow his own productions. 

Because his content mainly revolves around his shows, he doesn’t stream every day, sometimes only going live a handful of times per month. So far in 2021, he’s streamed seven times—four times in January, twice in February. And the Pokimane stream today is his first appearance this month. 

Despite the infrequent scheduling, he’s averaged more than 4,500 viewers this year, with his peak today already hitting over 77,000 active viewers before the show even began.

Austin said he’s been working to join 100 Thieves for some time now, having recently worked with them and Cash App on the Cash App Trivia show. You can watch the full announcement video on the 100 Thieves YouTube channel.