Asmongold calls people with mental health issues “disgusting” after a WoW Classic player threatens his family

"I don't deal with mentally unstable people."

Screengrab via YouTube/CatDany

Popular streamer Asmongold made headlines yesterday⁠—and not because of his WoW Classic prowess.

The streamer criticized people with mental health issues after a WoW Classic player threatened to kill his family if he stole loot from him.

“As soon as I realize that a person is mentally unstable in even the slightest way, I immediately ban them and cut them out of my life entirely,” Asmongold said. “I do not deal with them in any way, shape, or form… They’re disgusting and I don’t want to have anything to do with it.”

Asmongold’s controversial comments were fueled by a WoW Classic player who continuously harassed the streamer in Twitch chat for “ninja-ing,” or stealing, loot that doesn’t belong to him.

“I will kill ur family if you ninja something from me in Classic,” the angry viewer said.

Many fans were disturbed by the streamer’s contentious rant, believing it’s unfair to stigmatize a group of people based on one person. But Asmongold defended his comments.

“I think people that threaten to kill my family because I ninja loot items in WoW are disgusting,” the streamer said. “I will stick by that… If I had a button to remove this person from the internet, I would do it.”

Twitch’s Community Guidelines explicitly prohibit hateful conduct and any content that “promotes, encourages, or facilitates discrimination… based on disability, [or] medical condition.”

It’s unclear if Asmongold will face any repercussions for his comments.