$100,000 OTK Smite Invitational: Team Tectone win after dominant performance in final

Streamers take to the Battleground of the Gods.

The $100,000 OTK Smite Invitational is done and dusted, and Team Tectone reigned supreme after a dominant 2 -0 performance in the final against Team Dave that saw them seal the deal and win the biggest slice of the prize pool.

The two teams dominated other opponents in the group stage before meeting face to face in the final. However, Team Tectone was too hot to handle and got the job done on the back of an impressive performance.

Here’s a list of all the results in both the playoffs and the group stage of the tournament, followed by a breakdown of all the teams and players who took part.

OTK Smite Invitational Playoff Results

In the playoffs, Team Tectone and Team Dave built on the momentum they gained in the group stage. Team Dave made quick work of Team Emiru, while Team Tectone did the same with Team Snuffy, before duking it out in a best-of-three final.

OTK Smite Invitational Group Stage Results

In the group stage, the teams were split into two groups and played each other once in a round-robin format. Team Dave dominated Group A, while Team Tectone dominated Group B.

Group AResultsGroup BResults
Team Dave3-0Team Tectone3-0
Team Snuffy1-2Team Emiru1-2
Team Clint1-2Team Sennyk41-2
Team Filian1-2Team Jerma1-2

All OTK Smite Invitational Teams

The event featured eight competing teams, which all included a well-known figure in the competitive Smite scene. The rest of the numbers were made up of YouTube and Twitch stars, most of which made their competitive Smite debut.

Team Clint StevensTeam JermaTeam SnuffyTeam FilianTeam EmiruTeam DaveTeam Senny4kTeam Tectone

How to rewatch the event

If you’d like to rewatch the event, you can do so via the embed below. Alternatively, you can find the VOD on Mizkif’s Twitch channel.

The event was a resounding success. Not only was it an effective way to showcase competitive Smite to the masses via Mizkif’s channel, but it was also a non-stop action thrill ride with a myriad of epic moments.

Moreover, it helped the crossover between OTK and Smite start with a bang. A little under 50,000 viewers tuned into the event on Twitch, which rivals numbers seen in other competitive esports on the platform.