The Sniper Medal, for the Hunter Archetype, sits on a black background in Remnant 2.
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Best Hunter build in Remnant 2

Spot them optimally, end them optimally.

The Hunter serves as a supportive damage dealer in Remnant 2. The Hunter’s ability to point out threats, highlight weakpoints, and deal exceptional damage from a distance makes it prime for builds.

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However, there are many aspects to a Hunter build that make it powerful, including some items or jewelry that you need to jump through many hoops to find. This is Remnant 2, after all. So, let’s discuss some items that can make your Hunter the best it can be.

The best options for Hunter in Remnant 2

A Primary Hunter serves as a high-damaging ranged build that uses the MARK ability to improve Critical Chance for the Hunter and their allies. Capitalizing on MARK is extremely useful, as is utilizing the Hunter’s excellent 40 percent Ranged Damage buff which it gets as a Damage Perk.

You can build the Hunter as a support, with high Skill cooldown reduction and more supportive secondary archetypes. We don’t think that’s the best thing you can do with the archetype, though. So, we’ll be focusing on the damage side of things with the Hunter’s Focus skill.

Best secondary archetype for Hunter

The barrel of a revolver sits on a black background in Remnant 2.
The Gunslinger is an excellent addition to any gun-loving class, though it does struggle as a primary archetype. Image via Gunfire Games

The Gunslinger is the strongest secondary archetype you can get for your Hunter. This class gets natural Fire Rate and Ranged Damage increases, is great for ammo, and has several ways to auto-reload the rifles that the Hunter loves so dearly. We like Sidewinder for the better ADS Movement Speed, though Bulletstorm can work just as well.

Honorable mentions go to the Medic, which turns the Hunter into the ultimate support build. If you want to benefit a party of damage dealers as much as possible with skills, constant shields, healing, and critical damage is not a bad way to do so.

Handler can also be fine for the Hunter. This is a rare occasion where Guard Dog can be viable since you really want to have obvious Weakspot hits for your Hunter to deal damage through. By drawing aggro, the Guard Dog can make it easier for you to hit big red numbers. However, it’s unreliable, and it’s usually a bit easier to hit Weakspots while enemies are looking at you.

Best traits for Hunter

The Hunter really likes traits that benefit their ranged weapons as much as possible, though those are few and far between. Defensive traits are next on the list of importance. We suggest the following:

  • Footwork (N’Erud—The Train event) for Movement Speed while ADSing
  • Handling (Root Earth—The Ashen Wasteland) for better Weapon stats
  • Expertise (Core Trait) for Skill Cooldown
  • Siphoner (N’Erud—Dormant N’erudian Facility Quarantine Event) for lifesteal
  • Swiftness (Explorer) for Movement Speed
  • Vigor (Core Trait) for Maximum HP
  • Barkskin (Quiz in Yaesha—The Far Woods or Forbidden Grove) for Damage Reduction

The other 15 or so points can be spread into skills you’d like. We choose Spirit for Mod Power and Endurance for some extra stamina.

Best long gun for Hunter

The bow Sagittarius, featuring multiple ancient etchings, sits on a black background in Remnant 2.
This fascinating bow works well for the ancient Hunter theme. Also for your Gunslinger skills. Image via Gunfire Games

For this build, we really like Sagittarius—a bow rewarded for completing a puzzle in a temple—for your ranged damage dealer. It has a fantastic 115 percent weakspot bonus, dealing a ton of damage alongside its solid 10 percent base Critical Chance. Its unique Mod works well with the Sniper, offering solid area-of-effect opportunity while not removing your opportunity to ADS.

Honorable mention to the Widowmaker, a default weapon from Brabus. The default Sniper Rifle also focuses on weakspot damage and has the base 10 percent Critical Chance we like, but takes a while to take each shot and the scope causes you to hyper-focus. In Remnant 2, scopes aren’t exactly what you want; there’s no telling how many Fae are going to be sticking weapons into your ribs while you’re eying up the boss. So, we prefer alternative methods to deal high Weakspot Damage.

Battery is your default Mutator for these weapons since it pumps Weakspot damage by so much. Ghost Shell is a fine alternative, dealing less damage consistently in return for a higher Critical Chance.

Best handgun for Hunter

We recommend Sorrow for Hunters wanting to make the best use of their handgun for Weakspot damage. Sorrow’s excellent range and damage, as well as a reasonable fire rate, makes it ideal for quick swapping for its strong Mod, which heals a few seconds after hit. This can help you recover health after getting decked.

Sorrow is gotten by trading the Tear of Kaela to Meidra, the tree spirit who gives you the quiz for Barkskin or Bloodstream. The Tear is in Kaela’s rest and is a ring that boosts Relic Capacity.

If you’re not a fan of the crossbow style, you can use the Star Shot as a replacement. The Star Shot deals area-of-effect damage, which is helpful for add control. It also has a strong Mod for add control, exploding much larger and even applying a good amount of Burning to nearby targets. All the while, you can just keep shooting. We swap to the Star Shot fairly often whenever a boss starts to swarm, making it more of a sidegrade than an honorable mention.

Ghost Shell or Battery works well here. Your off-hand weapon deals slightly less damage than your long gun but should be set up for damage regardless. Your Sorrow can still hit for several hundred per Weakspot, so your Mutator should respect that.

Best melee weapon for Hunter

The Abyssal Hook, a long weapon with a hook at the end, sits on a black background in Remnant 2.
What a silly amount of stagger. Image via Gunfire Games

If the Hunter is in melee, things have gone exceptionally wrong. That’s why they should consider the Abyssal Hook. This new weapon has a stagger modifier of 80 percent, which is so high it feels like a bug. Using this, you can knock enemies off of you quickly before trying to move backward and set up for headshots.

We don’t have any honorable mentions here. Our build is far too focused on ranged damage to do anything with melee except push people away.

Best amulet for Hunter

A strange technological engine with an orange core sits on a black background in Remnant 2.
The Core Booster is a must-have for any build serious about doming Weakspots. Image via Gunfire Games

The best amulet for the hunter is the Core Booster from N’Erud. This amulet pumps Weakspot Damage by 50 percent for 10 seconds after a kill. This is absurdly high for a class whose job is to pump arrows into something’s weakspot. However, you will need to kill a target first, which can make it unreliable in specific situations.

For a class like Hunter, whose Mark is so effective at labeling out where Weakspots are, Core Booster is a must-have for mobbing and most bosses. That is as long as you can land your shots and find Weakpoints. Be sure to figure out what enemies have going on before really dedicating yourself to a Hunter build. Otherwise, you might find Weakspots lacking.

If you’re fighting a boss with bad add-spawn patterns, consider instead the Full Moon Circlet from Yaesha. This provides base lifesteal for keeping yourself alive while pumping Ranged Damage by 20 percent while not lifestealing. This is a good cycle for you, letting you rely on more aggressive relics.

Honorable mention goes to the Gift of the Unbound, which can allow you to run rings like the Burden of the Gambler and Burden of the Destroyer without their annoying downsides. However, the lowered health makes it very difficult to use effectively, especially on higher difficulties.

Best rings for Hunter

A silver ring with a silver flower on one side sits on a black background in Remnant 2.
Excellent for those who always know where the Weakspot is. Image via Gunfire Games

As expected, a Hunter’s rings prioritize Weakspot Damage and Ranged Critical Damage, since you’ll have so much natively. For that reason, we suggest the following rings:

  • Zania’s Manacle (from Root Earth—Ashen Wasteland) stacks Weakspot Damage up to 30 percent from multiple instances of Weakspot Damage.
  • Ring of Flawed Beauty (from Cass) improves Weakspot Damage by 25 percent, though it lowers Damage by 15 percent if you miss a Weakspot.
  • The Black Cat Band (from Reggie after 15 deaths) prevents you from dying once per two minutes.
  • Stone of Expanse (from N’Erud) boosts Ranged Damage by 15 percent while dumping all other instances of Damage.

None of these require any difficulty setting, though the Black Cat Band does require the ability to die. If you want a Hardcore build, you can replace that band with another defensive ring, like the Dried Clay Ring or Hardcore Metal Band.

Best relic for Hunter

A strange stone with brown roots sits on a black background in Remnant 2.
This healing item can come in clutch over the course of a 10-second window. Image via Gunfire Games

The Relic for your Hunter will almost certainly be defensive. We’ve really liked Siphon Heart, which ups Lifesteal by 10 percent. This can be popped whenever your Skill is about to end, extending it for a few seconds while allowing you to heal to full consistently.

The Resonating Heart does the same, but provides the healing over time and then doubles any overheal. This can be nice for bosses with invulnerability phases or the moment damage is taken. These hearts are both great for refreshing Hunter skill duration, so give them a shot.

Your Relic Fragments should be Ranged Weakspot Damage, Ranged Critical Damage, and Ranged Critical Chance.

Best armor for Hunter

We like light armor bracket for Hunter, which is by default 25 or lower. Accessing higher move speed is nice, as is the more efficient dodge roll. Medium armor Hunter (25 to 50 Weight) is fine as well, especially if you find yourself tunneling on dealing Weakspot damage and taking the occasional hit.

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