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How to get the Leech trait in Remnant 2

A sacrifice from within.

Remnant 2 is packed with traits that grant special bonuses and buffs to your character. The Forgotten Kingdom DLC introduces four new traits, and the Leech trait is one of them.

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If you’re looking for a versatile trait that goes well with every build in the game, Leech is the trait to go for. Here’s how to get the Leech trait in Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom.

Where to get the Leech trait in Remnant 2

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To get the Leech trait in Remnant 2, you’ll need to visit the Dormant N’Erudian facility situated in N’Erud along with a friend in co-op mode and ask your friend to kill you by locking you out of the main control room and releasing the toxic gas

To get to the control room, head towards the main bridge of the Dormant N’Erduain facility and hang a right towards the ledge. Below you will be a platform you can jump on to. The platform goes through a narrow passage under the bridge and leads to an elevator to the control room.

Use the elevator to reach the control room, and tell your friend to get into position at the next control panel. Simply go outside the room and stand around the corridor. Once both you and your friend are in position, ask your friend to interact with the console. Interacting with the console will release a purple smoke and spawn an Abomination for your friend to deal with.

When the smoke releases, do nothing and let the gas kill you. Dying to the smoke in the Dormant N’Erudian facility rewards you with the Leech trait in Remnant 2. If you were the victim of the toxic smoke, only you will be rewarded. Switch positions with your friend so they too can receive the trait.

What does the Leech trait do in Remnant 2?

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The Leech trait increases Lifesteal efficacy by five percent per level. Like other traits in the game, you can add a total of 10 points to bump the Lifesteal efficacy to 50 percent. This means the more damage you deal to enemies, the more health you regenerate. 

Pairing the Leech trait with the Profane Heart Relic is a perfect combination for players who like a more aggressive approach.

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