When will Thorn be released in Rainbow Six Siege?

Thorn is almost here.

Image via Ubisoft

High Calibre is the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Year Six Season Four expansion and includes the exciting new operator, Thorn.

Thorn is a new defender with special Razorbloom Shells, which are throwable devices that explode when an attacker enters its radius. Fans can also expect a rework of Outback, giving the map a much-needed update. 

Siege fans are excited for the release of Thorn and the High Calibre season—and both will be here relatively soon. High Calibre is scheduled to release on Nov. 30 and will introduce Thorn and the other major updates in Year Six Season Four.

Fans can also expect a new High Calibre battle pass, new weapon skins, and charms to unlock and enjoy. Players can unlock Thorn on day one of the new season to instantly see the exciting character in action. 

The new season also introduces multiple changes to several aspects of Siege. The default team colors have changed from blue and orange to orange and red, although players can change the colors in their settings as needed. Fans can even enjoy the Elite 2.0 customization update, allowing them to adjust their operators in the loadout screen. New 3D weapons will be included in the new battle pass, too, giving guns an exciting custom look. 

Thorn’s introduction also means older operators will be cheaper. Nomad and Kaid will soon only cost 10,000 Renown or 240 R6 Credits, while Kali and Wamai will cost 15,000 Renown or 240 R6 Credits. Aruni will cost 20,000 Renown or 480 R6 credits.