Ubisoft temporarily removes Clash from Rainbow Six Siege

Band-aids can only fix so much.

Image via Ubisoft

After about a week of community backlash, Ubisoft is taking steps to temporarily fix Rainbow Six Siege exploits as they work on proper fixes. The biggest band-aid Ubisoft is deploying is the removal of Clash from the Defenders roster tonight.

The Clash exploit has been the bane of every Siege player’s existence this week. With the exploit allowing players to fire their sidearm while still having the shield up, it is nearly impossible to deal with the Clash. Even though Ubisoft has removed Clash from the rotation, IQ remains in play with her invisibility exploit.

Other exploits and bugs will be dealt with in a similar fashion until Ubisoft come up with a concrete fix. The buggy claymores killing players through walls will be removed from kits by putting the ammo count at zero. The same is set for the deployable shield exploit. While players can equip both items, the ammo count will be set to zero.

New exploits are always frustrating to deal with, but these were especially infuriating given that there is almost nothing players can do to combat players abusing exploits. It’s good to see Ubisoft take initiative, but removing gameplay items—especially paid content, like Clash, doesn’t earn much in the way of goodwill. For now, these band-aids will have to hold. Maybe players will pick up some new strategy ideas since certain gadgets have been removed, or maybe that’s too optimistic. Ubisoft will provide fans with another update on May 21.