Ubisoft is working on shrinking the R6 Ranked map pool

Fewer maps, more skill?

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft addressed the size of the Ranked map pool in an update to the Community Concerns page of the official Rainbow Six Siege website today.

Since the slew of exploits hit Rainbow Six Siege in May, Ubisoft has kept up with a detailed Community Concerns page. Today, one issue stands out in particular—players may be seeing a shrinking map pool in the near future. 

“We have too many maps available in the Ranked map pool,” the official post reads. It doesn’t get any blunter than that. There are a lot of maps in the Ranked pool as it stands right now. There are 14 maps in total and even the removal of just a few could increase player comfort. Bank, Border, Skyscraper, Theme Park, Consulate, Coastline, Kafe, Hereford, Fortress, Outback, Chalet, Clubhouse, Oregon, and Villa are all playable right now. 

Ubisoft already said that Theme Park and Kanal will be getting map reworks, so it seems likely that those reworks will make it into the rotation at some point. But some of these other maps have to go. Pro League broadcaster Parker “Interro” Mackay is definitely happy just thinking about Skyscraper’s potential removal. 

The bottom line is that while players won’t have access to certain maps or paid content in Ranked, this change could be beneficial for the game. Giving players a smaller and more fine-tuned map pool could help players focus on building their skills and learning from their mistakes.