Upcoming Pokémon TCG Products for 2020

A new year means dozens of new Pokémon TCG collectibles.

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This year is going to be a wild one for Pokémon TCG products. The Sword and Shield meta has finally started rolling out with the original expansion and the second set, Rebel Clash, which is on the horizon. 

Collectors and players alike are going to see a lot of first-time Pokémon showing up in the TCG over the next year, meaning it’s time to mark your calendars for each of the upcoming releases. 

With a new set, multiple tins, and even some new products that are going to introduce a new element into buying packs, Sword and Shield is an expansion you don’t want to miss. But just be ready to spend a lot since The Pokémon Company is going to be putting out products with exclusive content inside every month. 

TAG TEAM Powers Collection

If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to the TAG TEAM card mechanic, there is one last hurrah coming your way on March 27 with the Powers Collection. It isn’t much, but you can try to make another run with some older cards before they get rotated out of the meta. 

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Or you can just buy it for the really cool promo cards and a slew of other goodies you will be getting:

  • One full-art foil card featuring Espeon & Deoxys-GX or 1 full-art foil card featuring Umbreon & Darkrai-GX
  • One of two full-art foil oversize cards featuring one of those TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX
  • One full-art foil card featuring Eevee-GX
  • One foil promo card featuring Carracosta-GX
  • Three more promo cards featuring Leafeon, Glaceon, and Regigigas
  • Eight Pokémon TCG booster packs
  • A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

Snorlax and Morpeko Pin Collection

Prior to the release of the next set, there will be quite a few other products releasing. One of which is a special Snorlax and Morpeko Pin Collection that will get you a few Sword and Shield packs along with a card and pin of your chosen hungry companion.

There will also be a collection of pins called the Galar Pal Mini Tins coming out the same day, April 3, with more collectible pins. 

Pokémon TCG: Collector Chest Spring 2020

Image via Pokémon

If you are less concerned about collectible pins, there is another set of items available in the Collector Chest Spring 2020 that will nab you a few cool things you won’t find anywhere else. It also releases on April 3 and will include the following:

  • Five Pokémon TCG booster packs
  • Three foil promo cards featuring Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble
  • A cool Pokémon coin featuring Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble
  • Four colorful sticker sheets
  • A mini portfolio to store your favorite cards
  • A Pokémon notepad featuring Zacian and Zamazenta
  • A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

Rebel Clash Expansion

Obviously the biggest release is the second set for Sword and Shield, which will add more Pokémon V and VMAX along with an additional 190 plus cards. There will be the usual booster packs, promo collections, and event two Starter Decks themed around Zacian and Zamazenta. 

The initial release is set for May 1, which means most of the main products from this line outside of any tins included in the schedule will be available at the same time. This will also include a special Polteageist V box that includes a foil promo, a giant card, and four booster packs. 

Image via PokéBeach

Sword and Shield Figure Collection

Image via PokéBeach

A special collection that will bundle four booster packs from the first Sword and Shield expansion along with a full-art Pikachu card that features all three Galarian starters is another item dropping on May 1. Other than the promo card this is nothing special, but the art on the Pikachu card is really cool and makes a nice front page filler for any binder. 

Beyond that, there are very few details on other promotional items since the May 1 slate was just revealed. We do know that several items will be released on May 22 and later in June thanks to PokéBeach

One of those items is a new product called a “League Battle Deck,” but there are no details available at the moment. It sounds like it’s going to end up being a new type of theme deck with a more premium focus, which could add some cool new things to the market. 

On the same day, the Summer collection of tins will be released, featuring multiple Pokémon V that have yet to be named, but will likely be from one of the first two Sword and Shield expansions based on the previous examples. 

June is even murkier due to how long we have to wait, which means the details for the late-May and June items will be talked about more in the near future once some of the upcoming products are already out the door. We do know that June 5 is going to be a new Pin Collection while a “Premium Box” set will drop on June 12.