Pokémon Unite will have cross-play between Switch and mobile

It will make the game more accessible.

Image via Pokemon

Pokémon Presents just revealed a new Pokémon title: Pokémon Unite, a team battle game. Little information about the game has been announced, but we do know it will have cross-play between the Nintendo Switch console and mobile devices.

The game will free-to-start and will run on Nintendo Switch systems as well as Android and iOS devices. Pokémon Unite will also allow for cross-play, so teams can have players competing from different devices at the same time.

Pokémon Unite will be a Team-Based game. It’s developed by TiMi Studios and will allow players to compete in teams of five to catch wild Pokémon in the field. Each Pokémon you catch scores a point and team who gets the most point win.

There aren’t any details yet about what the mobile devices will require regarding the minimum operating system version or hardware specifics yet.