Pokémon UNITE is dealing with linked save data issues, impacting ability to play on mobile

The problem is being looked into, but could keep some players from accessing their accounts.

Delphox unleashes a wave of fire in its Pokemon Unite key art.
Image via TiMi Studio

Another big Pokémon UNITE update, another error that is keeping players from actually playing the game on a specific platform. 

TiMi Studio has confirmed that UNITE players on mobile devices could run into an ongoing issue with save data not linking properly to registered Pokémon Trainer Club accounts—essentially locking them out of their accounts with no clear way to resolve the issue. 

The developers are aware of this major issue and are investigating fixes, but for the time being, a number of players likely won’t be able to access their accounts or play the game for an extended period of time. 

Unfortunately, UNITE players are used to game-breaking bugs popping up a few days after big updates hit the live servers. In fact, when Duraladon was added to the game back in March, the game was afflicted by multiple glitches, including one that kept a large portion of the Nintendo Switch playerbase from playing the game for 11 days

Several playable Pokémon also had bugs post-updates in the past too, such as unintended damage being dealt, certain moves giving invincibility, and stats being unintentionally changed. 

Hopefully TiMi will be able to minimize the timeframe this issue is keeping mobile players from accessing the game, but until an update is provided, there isn’t much players can do to resolve it themselves. The best option to try and circumvent the error is restarting the game to see if the new instance will bypass the Trainer Club data issues, but it isn’t guaranteed to work.