How to rename your profile in Pokémon UNITE

It will cost you.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

After months of waiting, players around the globe are getting their first opportunity to try out the first Pokémon MOBA experience, Pokémon UNITE, following its launch on the Nintendo Switch.

When jumping in, eager players will need to quickly decide on a player name and look before going through the tutorial to get in on the action. When doing this, you may quickly choose a name and then later decide that you’d like to go by something else.

Fortunately, the naming process in Pokémon UNITE isn’t permanent and you can change your name whenever you like. Doing so will cost you, so you may want to decide on something you are ready to use long-term when starting the game.

How to change your profile name in Pokémon UNITE

Screenshot via Gamepur

To rename your profile in Pokémon UNITE you’ll need to purchase a Rename Card from the in-game store. This item will cost players 100 Aeos gems.

Aeos gems are the in-game currency that players will need to buy with real world currency and scoring yourself 100 will set you back around $2, but you’ll have to decide between either purchasing two lots of 60 for $0.99 each or a stack of 245 for $3.99, as these are the small amounts that the item is sold in.

Once you’ve got the required gems here’s how you can go about purchasing a Rename Card for yourself.

  • From the Pokémon UNITE main menu select the shop tab from the bottom selection bar.
  • Once here, navigate to the Aeos Emporium selection and press the Enter option.
  • You’ll be taken to the store menu where you’ll need to select Items from the list and scroll through the available products until you find the Rename card.
  • Now, simply click the item and follow the prompts to purchase it.

Once in your inventory, the item can now be used to change your Trainer name. But be wary: it is a one-time use item and if you are required to change your name again, you’ll need to purchase another.