How to get an Elite TM in Pokémon Go

Optimize your Pokémon's attacks.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go has remained one of the most popular mobile titles years after its launch in 2016. The AR-based game takes a unique spin on the traditional gameplay while still retaining players’ favorite Pokémon spanning over all generations of the game.

As with all Pokémon games, each different Pokémon will have unique abilities that can be used in battle with different effects depending on the move and the opponent. With the focus being put on raiding and PVP battles, optimizing your Pokémon to have the perfect attack is going to give you a great advantage.

Fortunately for users, there’s a way to change your Pokémon’s attack by using a TM. This item will change your Pokémon’s attack to a random move they can learn. Due to the randomness, however, it could potentially be the same move the Pokémon initially had or something less effective.

There’s one way that players can select the move their Pokémon will learn and that is using an Elite TM. While these are rare there are often opportunities to get one for yourself.

How to get an Elite TM in Pokémon Go

Image via Nintendo

There are two styles of Elite TMs: the Elite Charged TMs and Elite Fast TMs. An Elite Charged TM will allow you to select a move from a list of your Pokémon’s available charged moves. Elite Fast TMs, on the other hand, will allow you to teach a fast technique to a Pokémon.

These unique Elite TM items are limited in supply and are only available for a limited time as end-of-season rewards or through Community Day Boxes.

At their introduction in the Go Battle League season one, any player who ended the season ranked above seven was gifted the reward. But the Elite TM may not be available as a reward every season.

Both styles of Elite TM have also been available during past Community Days. It’s worth keeping an eye on the store to see if the Elite TM becomes available during events.