How to connect and send Pokémon from Bank to Home

It's a simple process.

Screengrab via Pokemon

Pokémon Home is here, letting trainers across the world send their Pokémon to the service to store them in online cloud boxes and transfer them between games.

If you own any copies of DS or 3DS Pokémon games, though, and want to send your older Pokémon to the Home service, you’ll need to download the Pokémon Bank service on your 3DS system.

Bank, like Home, was originally used to store Pokémon in cloud servers but it was limited to just 3DS titles. But now, Nintendo has created a way to transfer Pokémon you stored in Bank to Home—at a cost.

First, you’ll need to pay for the premium Pokémon Home service to unlock the option to transfer Pokémon from Bank to Home. You then need to make sure you have Pokémon in your Pokémon Bank storage system.

Then, on Pokémon Home, find the 3DS icon in the main menu and click it. Proceed through the walls of text and you’ll eventually come to a screen that provides you with a code.

Now, on your 3DS, go into Bank and select the option to move Pokémon from Bank to Home. Again, go through the wall of text on there until you come across the options to select the Pokémon you want to send over. After that, you’ll be told to put in the Pokémon Home code that’s on your Switch.

After proceeding through these options, the Pokémon will finally be sent over and you’ll be able to use them. Once it’s sent over, though, there’s no way to send it back to Bank.