An electric sea urchin Pokémon appears to have leaked for Sword and Shield

More leaks on the pile.

Editor’s Note: The leaked images that were previously featured in this article have been removed due to a Digital Millenium Copyright Act claim from The Pokémon Company International, Inc. (“TPCi”).

As we continue with the massive amount of leaks for Pokémon Sword and Shield this weekend, one more Pokémon has reportedly popped up ahead of the game’s release.

Pincurchin, a sea urchin electric type, is the first to appear and comes once again from the guide book leaks that also revealed Scorbunny’s final evolution Cinderace.

This leak, however, feels a little fishy when compared to the others. While it could have some credibility to it, the blurriness of the camera, as well as some other factors, may suggest the image is a fake.

The leaks also follow rumors of the game having a broken sale date in Spain, where users have reportedly been able to grab hold of copies and are in the process of datamining.

Of course, at the time of writing, the image is still just a rumor with no confirmation from either Nintendo or Game Freak. As always, fans should take the leaks with a grain of salt until the Pokémon makes an official appearance in the games or in an announcement trailer.